【Sofirn Presale】PL09 Weapon Flashlight Will be Launched soon!!

Hi, guys.

We are so glad to tell you that PL09 Weapon Flashlight will be launched soon!!
The PL09 weapon light for pistols adopts the adjustable rail system, which allows it to perfectly fit Picatinny rails weapon guns. 212m beam max up to 1600 lumens. It is much brighter than most other similar models of pistol light.

This pre-sale price only lasts for a while until stock is available

Enjoy the presale price and get early access to our latest products!

Click the link to get it :point_right::point_right::point_right: https://www.sofirnlight.com/products/presale-sofirn-pl09-weapon-flashlight-1600lm-rechargeable-tactical-light

Looks like a solid piece of equipment. OTOH is it just me, or is there a screw missing in de middle picture.

That’s the picture taken of the original sample. The screws must be there. :rofl:

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Do you have any video of this light in use? (ie; live fire on a legit firearm?)

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Yes, There is currently a video shot by a youtube blogger

Link gives a 404.

It’s ok now

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