Sofirn Q8 deal & holster/diffuser giveaway

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Welcome to Sofirn’s Deal. To celebrate the upcoming Mother's Day, we have provided Q8 nice deal, and holster or diffuser giveaway.
Hope you all will enjoy it.

Q8 deal: Buy Q8 with deal price $40 on AMZ US, €40 on AMZ DE, C$54 on AMZ CA or A$ 57.5 on AMZ AU, each order we will send free holster or diffuser
as gift as your choice. (All the package shipping from our warehouse with 20-25 shipping day)

Q8 AMZ US Link: (Please use this code: 3NT8W2HQ), Please order the Q8 which sale price is $57.14.
Q8 AMZ DE Link: (Please use this code: SofirnQ8), Please order the Q8 which sale price is €58.99.
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2. Holster or diffuser give away: Comment in in this thread with the picture of Sofirn Q8 or BLFQ8, we randomly select 10 holster winners and 10 diffuser winners!

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Attention: 1. Q8 deal or Holster/ Diffuser GiVE Away valid from 10:00 AM 9 May to 31 May (US Time)

2. All the package are shipping form our factory warehouse, will take around 20-25 shipping days.

3. If you have ordered the Q8, please comment or PM or email with your order number
and tell us your preference to holster or diffuser as the gift.

4. Holster and diffuser has different size, winners need contact us with your holster or diffuser size and your
address before 3 June, otherwise we will send the small size.

I recently bought a C8F. Is the 2.0 just a different battery tube plus tail switch, or are there driver changes as well? I seem to have low output on my c8f, but i will have to test my batteries to make sure they are not the limiting factor.

I think it’s just the driver. Sofirn is sending me updated drivers for the 2 I have but I want the version 2.0 for comparison.

What LED’s are in there? What’s the color? What kind of driver are you using?


They are using Cree XP-Ls W2, the highest bin available at a 5300-5700k color temp, so neutral white.

A FET+7135 driver. Good efficiency on low modes, and very bright high modes that depend on battery voltage, and the resistance of the circuit. So, more battery+low resistance = higher brightness possible.

I think you mean V6 bin, which is the highest bin.

I’m probably crazy, but I… must… have… one. :smiley:

No, the highest is W2.

Sofirn, any news about the flat, switchless tail?

Is the W2 bin new for the XP-L because datasheet only goes up to V6 for XP-L. Only XP-L2 goes up to W2 bin but Sofirn uses XP-L in their 21700 unless there’s been a change.


No actually. When the XP-L was starting to be manufactured, there were only V6 and down bins of LEDs available since the process wasn’t yet mature enough.

However, in the XP-L binning data sheet, there is a mention of W2 and W3 XP-Ls.

Very high binned XP-Ls with a mature process allow for even higher lumen output.

Oh that’s very interesting. Is there any place we can buy these W2 and W3 bin XP-L? Also I couldn’t find where Sofirn listed W2 bin. Some of their older flashlights, they specify V6 bin. If they transitioned to W2 bin, that would be very nice and makes their flashlight even more efficient than the competition.

KD had some W2. W3 is not available.

what issues did yours have that warrant replacing? I’m now questioning the authenticity of my HG2s and VTC6s because i can’t get my c8f to draw more than ~3.6amps on my meter, even on turbo. My next hottest light is an S2 w/ 8x driver, which draws about 2.7, which is pretty close to spec, but not enough to tell me that it’s definitely the c8f and not the cells, or i suppose the resistance in my meter?

any insight, Tracy? tests to perform, or maybe a driver replacement?

@ownmyeyes, what kind of multimeter are you using? If it’s a regular multimeter with long leads, the resistance is going to increase dramatically. You need as thick current leads as possible that are short as possible to measure current accurately.

an innova 3320 with long leads, so that could be the culprit. i’ll hack together some heavier gauge short copper leads and give it another shot. it’s also possible that the difference between ~900 and ~2600 lumens is not as dramatic to my eyes as i expected…

I'm sort of interested in the C8F. Anyone know if a 21700 battery would fit in a Lii-500 charger?

It is possible yes. In fact, I did an experiment with my Astrolux S42 a while back.

With my first multimeter and leads, I was getting around 4,5A on turbo.

With a second pair of leads, I got around 6,0A on turbo. Better.

With a custom pair of leads with short 16AWG wire, I got almost 9,2-9,6A on turbo with a Sony VTC4 at 4,19V, which I liked.

This one’s a kit, comes with cell, charger, and cable.

Oh, didn't know that, thanks Lightbringer! The CF8 could be my eighth different sofirn light