Sofirn SC21 Comprehensive Review

Hello fellow BLFers. I have published a comprehensive review of the Sofirn SC21, including a comparison with the Olight Baton 3 and the Olight S1R Baton II. Please let me know what you think.

The review can be found here:

Great review! :+1: Thanks.

outstanding review details, thanks!

250 lumens sustainable without overheating is very realistic, similar to an HDS :+1:

Great review, thank you. I found the magnet to be quite weak, barely holding the torch on the fridge, otherwise excellent (apart from LVP)

Thank you for your review!

Hi, you mean the magnetic tail cap of SC21? The magnet works well on the table leg.

The magnet works but it’s not as strong as others of similar size.

uTorch S1 mini 16340 strongest
Eagle Eye X1R 18350 middle
OnTheRoad M3 Pro 16340 middle
Sofirn SC21 16340 weakest

It holds its own weight but there’s not a lot of safety margin - it doesn’t take much to move it.

Interesting light. I came looking for a review because it is currently discounted at the Sofin Amazon store. One thing I didn’t see in the review, but that many modern lights seem to include, is a momentary mode. I find it very handy with my Emisar and Anduril lights to be able to set up a momentary “turbo” mode. Can this one do that?

No momentary mode. From off, you can double click to turbo then single click off. That’s as close as it gets.