Sofirn SC31 PRO, New Anduril Flashlight

Yes. Not a problem at all ... flat top GAs, 30Qs, 35Es, 25Rs...

I have an MJ in mine today.

Have a flat top 30Q in mine today.

Works fine, has a spring at both ends.

Thank you eveyone for the confirmation. :smiley:

There is way to mod this light with triple leds?

Probably. Here's an example of modifying a similar light:

I think it might be easier with the SC31 pro because the same copper pill for an S2+ may fit this light. You'll need to extend the wire leads.

What a nightmare. My SOC8 clip wouldn’t fit in because of the switch wires and an odd component that was sticking out of the driver board so I had to solder six wires to the attiny to flash the light.

How did you guys end up securing the driver board at the end? I could use some glue but it seems like the fit is pretty snug without any adhesive

I keep the driver board loose. The battery tube keeps it in place

Fair enough, I think that’s what I did for my EC03 as well but I wanted to double check. Thanks!

ps. your photos have been helpful for me in getting several lights open. Thanks a bunch TomE!

Yea, I pretty much do that for all mods. On most lights, you wouldn't really have a reason to remove the battery tube often. For this SC31 Pro, only time I'd remove it is for exchanging 18650/18350 tubes, but you'll find the driver stays better in place once it's been secured for a while, not sure if it's hours, days or weeks. It's really the LED wires that make it awkward in popping out the driver. Mostly the Chinese lights use a stiffer, lower strand count wire (plus their silicone covering seems stiffer) so I almost always replace them, specially if I can fit in a thicker gauge. But of course the thicker wire tends to pop out the driver more :FACEPALM: .

What tint do you think this SC31 Pro has? I think it’s 5700K or above. Very ugly live compared to my other SST40s (convoy: s2+, s21a; astrolux: ec01, ft03; mateminco mt01). I bought it at Sofirn’s official store on aliexpress. I tried to get help from them, another LED, but they think it’s okay.

Did you set "white-balance" manually when taking this picture (otherwise, most cameras will auto-adjust the color temperature).. Your SC31 Pro beam does look more "greenish" though based on your picture. (in my limited experience, both SST40 5000k and SST40 6500k, will look varying degrees of "greenish" when at lower brightness levels).

The two images were taken with the same settings in manual mode. With the naked eye, there’s a big discrepancy from my previous SST40 lights. It doesn’t matter, it just annoys me. I’ll buy another one LED + MCPCB from Convoy. But it wasn’t worth buying from Sofirn.

It is difficult to prove with images what one sees with the naked eye.

It’s funny I really like the Sofirn lights I’ve got (sp25a, BLF sp36pro, and sc31pro). I only grabbed the sc31pro as it was so cheap when buying other stuff I grabbed it. And now it’s my most used single cell 18650 light, I absolutely love it. Doesn’t get too hot, can be run at high lumens fairly sustainably, flat top/button top, nice multi purpose beam, side switch etc. It’s just a fine choice, I grab it over other lights 4x the price.

Has anyone rewritten anduril for a different battery mode? I would like this light to work like fenix. turn it on, and the aux light indicates battery level. this is a feature i use hourly on Fenix. I have no interest in battery mode as it takes too long to count the blinks, and personally find it pointless. I simply need to know 25% 50% 75% etc.

i just got this light yesterday, glad to see i can reprogram it, may have to make adapters to do it.

be interested to see peoples response. i feel like a lot of more can be done with the aux light to indicate battery voltage.

I'm not sure exactly how the battery level works on a Fenix, but it's do-able. I think the 25-50-75-100 level detection is in Anduril 2, just not enabled, and doubt it would blink it out at turn on, but could be programmed to do so. It's a worth while feature to consider, for sure.

Its pretty simple, as soon as the light is turned on, the aux light simply goes solid green for over 75, blinking green for 50-75, solid red for 25-50 and blinking red for under 25.

all you need is a maybe add a 3 second timer to get your finger off the light to look. it really removes battery charge worries. having it buried in a sub menu i feel is not a great place.

is there a way to @ToyKeeper. To see what he/she says?

For those who don’t want it, could simply have a toggle behind the battery mode.

Does that mean 50% would range between 26% and 74%. Seems pretty broad if that is the case.

no. i gave the range above. 25-50 and 50 –75 would be different light groups

Ok, 25% range, Still broad . Why wouldn’t you want to know exactly. Anduril counts it out slowly enough. Now Convoy’s is hard to count it is so fast.