Sofirn SC31 PRO, New Anduril Flashlight

Hello BLF,

Has anyone here checked this out :

“New Arrival Sofirn SC31 Pro Powerful Rechargeable LED Flashlight 18650 Torch USB C SST40 2000LM Anduril”

It’s @ AliExpress’s Sofirn Official Store.

USB-C charging

I’m kinda surprised to find no info about this flashlight here on BLF, nor anywhere else (except @ AliExpress). I mean, it comes with Anduril !!
is it because this flashlight so new?

There’s a brief video about it on YouTube already: sofirn sc31 pro - YouTube

I would be all over it if it was 4000K, 5000K or even 5700K.

I saw this a couple of weeks ago. It’s 6500k. Hoping they will go for a high cri led.

It’s obvious that I’m new here on this forum :smiley: (only 2 posts). Long time lurker actually….

I have several Convoy flashlights which I bought in 2017 and 2018 . I bought them @ Convoy official store @ AliExpress. I found info about Convoy (and about budget flashlights in general) here on BLF.

That’s why I really hope to find some info about that Sofirn’s SC31 Pro here.
I’m really interested in that flashlight, seems like the most affordable Anduril flashlight , compared to others that have been released and reviewed (Emisar D4v2, D4Sv2, Lumintop FW3A, Sofirn SP36 Anduril, etc… ).

What do you guys think about it? Has anyone here purchased it? Review? Overview?

Hello, thanks so much for the quick response !
I totally agree about the CT.
I contacted the seller on AliExpress asked about possibility to release SC31 Pro with warmer tint, he/she responded not really sure about that.

6500K is too high for me. I have an s2+ with XML2 5000k and it’s already not my favorite. I prefer the one with XPL HI 4500k. And XML2 ~4000k.

I’m still thinking of getting one and swapping the emitter for something warmer and higher CRI. No idea how easy it is to take it apart. Otherwise this light looks like my perfect EDC.

Yup 6500k kinda too cold . I have several flashlights with various tints and prefer the warmer ones.
Not many flashlights at all , just a few :smiley: :smiley: , i still do not really know about CRI, but i know i like 4500k XPL HI.

My last last Sofirn light was also listed as 6500K but I estimate it was lower in reality. Still warmer options would be nice. I am glad to see Sofirn has been making more and more of their line with charging. This and the IF 25A both are on my future buy list.

Swapping the emitter! That’s a great idea !
i have never swapped any emitter at all but I have checked emitter on my Convoy S2+ , I wanted to try to swap the XML2 5000k with XPL HI 4500K , it seems simple enough to do, right?

If this SC31 Pro has somewhat similar emitter construction/installation to Convoy s2+, , i think it won’t be very difficult to swap (hahaha, LOL :smiley: , IDK, I’m totally newbie about flashlight components). SST40 4000K is available on Convoy store.

I’m sorry I meant SST40 5000K LED (individual part) is available on Convoy store.
I have ordered s2+ with SST40 5000k, currently it’s in shipping. The s2+ SST40 only available with 5000k and 6500k, that’s why I chose 5000k.

I ordered it the minute i saw it. There was no discussion here before release, only surprise.
Maybe one of the smallest Anduril lights.
Mine should be here tomorrow (as long as this shipping partner keeps moving)
A few have modded the SC31B to have Anduril / emitter swap already and have posted it was fairly easy to work on

Are there pre-made Anduril drivers available anywhere that fit SC31B?

Does anybody know how is the SST40 6500K tint? Does it look bad?

I had SC31 with XP-G3 LED, it is too purplish for me.

Except you need to replace the whole MCPCB since the pads are different.

One should read the whole thread before posting :person_facepalming: . Yes, the SST-40 fits.

I find it bit strange that Sofirn’s Ali store sells the SC31 Pro in two versions with different prices. One has no info about color temperature, the second one is described as 6500K. I asked Sofirn if they have one with 5000K, but they said 6000K only.

I almost jumped out of my shoes when I first saw it, for it has almost anything I would like in a compact flashlight. Cheap, side switch, can tailstand, has lanyard hole, Anduril UI and USB C charging. SST40 is also OK for me. But the cool white tint is a showstopper for me.

I put a new UV emitter in an SC31b. Bezel is glued but with a strap wrench and some elbow grease it can be removed. Don’t know about the SC31 Pro specifically but I bet its glued. However my guess is also that the SST40 looks fine.

As far as I can see this is the least expensive and smallest Anduril light out there, at least unmodded. You should be able to put a short tube and magnetic tail cap on it if you want. May have to get one.

Here’s a link to the SC31 Pro on Sofirn’s Aliexpress
It took me a minute to find it. $21.77 as of this posting, without battery, for a USB-C charging Anduril light. Not bad at all.

Actually, a couple pictures clearly show a Micro-USB port and Micro-USB cable. However, others are definitely USB-C. Weird.
Compare top-left and bottom-right:

Would SST20 be a simple swap/reflow from SST40 or are further mods needed?

5000k will available this week

4000K LEDs no stock and 5000K will be available this week, order from Aliexpress during 24th to 28th to get the discount shopping brand week price.

SC31 Pro 5000K