➤ Sofirn SC32 review (1*18650, SST40, built-in charge) Affordable ultracompact EDC flashlight

Sofirn à une version 5000k, vos avis sont partagés. Cette lampe et recommandable en edc???

My 6500k looks acceptable to my eyes

5000k ou 6000k….1 pour 30$ peut-on avoir mieux ?

Great review!

However, I disagree:

“Though Sofirn SC32 certainly does not look like an basement craft, but if you put it with some EDC flashlight from Fenix ​​\ Nitecore and especially Olight \ Acebeam, then it is unlikely that your choice will fall on the SC32. But the mediocre appearance and super-budget package is actually the only drawback comparing to all these \big brands.”

With the SC32 they have a packaging with that magnetic tray and those inlay elements that is the same level as any Apple product or premium flashlight manufacturers. As for the fit and finish there is nothing inferior to i.e. a Olight. In fact I carried a M2R Pro for a year and I was not very impressed by its overall build quality. The SC32 to me seems better than the last generation of Sofirn lights. The only thing you can hold against Sofirn lights is that they look very conservative. My new Acebeam E70 mini is a beauty. Also the clip came off because they did not machine as well as it seems on first glance. I take Sofirn/Wurkkos any day over any “premium” light unless I need a certain functionality that they do not yet have in their lineup, like magnetic charging and stuff.

Merci pour ce retour, vous êtes toujours satisfait de cette lampe depuis que vous l’avait ? Autonomie ? Faisceau ? Recommandable ?

My sc32 has a bug in the battery indicator. Sometimes the battery is charged and the light changes to red and doesn’t come back. Until unscrewing and tightening again. The indicator becomes useless. Does anyone have the same problem?

Indicator light: Yes, mine developed the same bug. One of my subscribers also reported it to me.

Picked up this light last week on sale. I really like it. The size is incredible.

Great review. Thanks!
Picked up the light and pleased with the size, operation, and onboard charging. Much prefer the tail switch to the side switches on the many of the alternatives. It has better throw than my Wurkkos FC11 as well. I agree, the tint could be better, but on mine, the head is not glued together, comes apart easily, and I plan to swap in an LED with a better tint.