Sofirn SF10 and SF12 review

Nice! If I weren’t hip-deep in AA lights, I’d be tempted to get one or more. :smiley:

’Though if the SF11 goes on sale, I’m totally there…

I think all of my flashlights have the o-ring as the first think after the bezel/head piece, otherwise it wouldn’t work as a means to keep water/dust outside the flashlight

Just a tease on how mine is looking right now :sunglasses:

The Emisar D4, as far as I remember, has Bezel > Lens > O-Ring > TIR !

I bought clear glass lens, super cheap but effective, on a AliExpress store. It has 17.6 x 1.4 mm! I guess that 18x1.6 will fit properly! The stock lens is 18x1.5 :wink:

Mine has a brass pill, but it is thin! I’m thinking about putting a “good” driver, but I ain’t sure it it will work! Maybe putting some thing inside the pill helps on heat dissipation :expressionless: Gotta work on that!

By removing the hard coating, you effectively made the scratch/dent barely noticeable. :wink:

Finding a “good driver” shouldn’t be hard. You just have to decide if you still want AA NiCd battery or go lithium all the way.

Nop, with the contrast of black vs aluminium was even more evident :stuck_out_tongue: BUT, the screw-in clip is in charge to cover it :smiley:
I have made my mind about the driver, I’ll use a BLF X5 driver :smiling_imp:
I have 2 Efest IMR14500 on the way to warm this beauty! Other lights are taking AA and Ni-MH, so this will use exclusively 14500s Li-ion :wink:

I guess it will be nice after the work! My only issue so far ins thinking about the heat dissipation, but I will only be able to decide on what to do after the driver arrive (to check the space used internally)! I may have to make the pill taller in some way to give it a better path for heat! Let’s see :nerd_face:

I said barely noticeable, right? But I get it. It’s the stainless screw-in clip that did the trick. :wink:

I think you’re forgetting about the wires. You have to make room for them. You can’t cut them short because you need some space to get the removable pill back in.

Sorry Jaded, I didn’t read carefully and inverted the sense of the word :person_facepalming:

Yup, the clip covers it well and it fits nicely on the light! I use it since I got the light some months ago!

Yes, that’s another thing that keeps me thinking on the options to have some copper (or other thing) above the pill (where the LED board sits), or to add a adapter ring below the pill to make it taller and gain more space for the wires and for something to absorb the heat, maybe something like this: .

Decisions decisions! :person_facepalming:

I just got another SF12 and must say it’s much improved. Still not perfect, but enough to maybe warrant an updated review

Thanks for this review, I was finally able to disassemble the pill to swap the emitter. The SF10 I have goes from L > M > H. However, it always start at High, which I don’t like. There’s no PWM on any mode. The tint is about 5000-5500k. No blue and no pink at all even when using 14500. I like the style better than the SF14 more but the SF14 always start at Low which I like more and the SF14 is much easier to mod.

Hum, funny thing you mention, I also got one SF10 recently (to mod for a friend) and that thing happened as well! It started on H, then ML > L > M > H! The first batches where like H > M > L > ML and there was a slight tint shift towards yellowish or rosy (I got one of both)!

About modding I found them both easy to mod, but maybe the SF14 is better, due to the pill structure and the ring! However, if I had to chose a host, the SF10 would be my favourite as it seems capable of getting beaten to the bones!! Also, the SF14 host and pill are thinner so it gets hot easily (with BLF X5/X6 driver and XPL2 :smiley: )!

I have both of them modded and use them now and then!! I never bought a new version of the SF14, though, as I ended up with the Convoy T2 and the Jaxman E3 (soon to be moded :smiling_imp: ) !!

I read the Convoy T2 has bad PWM. I also modded a Jaxman E3L with 219B 4000k 9080 and it was super easy like the Sofirn SF14. UI is same as SF14 too. However it has PWM and does not work with 14500 whereas SF14 works with AA and 14500.

So did you swap out the driver in the SF10 for a 14500 only driver? Do you know where I can find a good driver for AA and 14500. The best one I know is on the Reylight AA flashlights but I don’t think he sells them separately.

Yup, the T2 has PWM, but I can’t notice without camera. The same goes for the Jaxman E3 (not E2L), that has PWM, but is quite good driver for AA cells, no memory, good ML and good levels on M and H!
I used that driver to mod the Sofirn SP10, along with a XML2 T6-4C to use with AA cells only (muggle friend :wink: )

The Jaxman and Convoy are better than the Sofirns to be modded ! I’m just planning , not hands-on yet :stuck_out_tongue:

About the SF14, the only thing I can remember about it (according to a member, I can’t exactly recall who, said - maybe AA Cycler ?) is that the runtimes are not as advertised: Sofirn SF14 - Misleading Runtime !
Other than that it is very versatile to use with both kinds of cells as you mention!!

Yup, I modded the SF10 with BLF X5/X6 driver + Luxeon V 4000K + TIR optic, and the SF14 with the same driver + XPL2 (bought in Sofirn store) + stock reflector!! They only use 14500s (Efest IMR)!

I once bought 3 drivers from Rey to mod some lights. They were spares from the first batchs of the Pineapple Brass. Maybe he can sell some of the new ones to you, try your shot by sending him a PM :wink: I’m not sure if he still has them, but maybe you can try it :wink:

Other than that, the only thing that comes to my mind is MTN, but I’m not sure if they have those kind of drivers. It has been the quest of many people here…