Sofirn SP10 Pro Memory Mode?

I've managed to get the SP10 Pro into "Advanced UI" which was changed from the default "Simple UI".

The user manual supplied with the light has extremely small print and is not quite detailed enough.

Despite the manual shortcomings I've managed to get the light levels changed from "Ramped" to "Stepped" mode. I notice that there are a total of seven light levels within the stepped levels. Can the number of stepped levels be changed?

The Memory Mode function is a bit odd. Initially the memory mode remembered the moonlight level setting after switching off the light and then switching the light back on. But I tried switching the light on again after a few minutes or so, but this time the light level had jumped up maybe a couple of levels brighter!?

I tried fiddling with memory mode timing (apparently there is a timer for how long the memory mode lasts?), but still get strange results. This time I set the brightness level a bit higher, but on switching the light off and then back on again shortly after, the level had dropped to the lowest level (moonlight?)!?

I would expect the light to save/store the brightness level that was set just prior to switching the light off. And on switching the light back on, the same light level would be restored. But this is not happening correctly.

How can I get this light to restore the last used brightness level when the light is switched back on (regardless of length of time between light switch off and then switch back on)!?

Thank you.

Yes, you can change the number of steps in configuration. Honestly I haven’t really played with memory on any of my Anduril lights and just leave that as stock. Some versions now have a “hybrid memory” that can be used or not, which I think is what you’re looking at right now…maybe someone can give better information (or you can sift through other threads with a “hybrid memory” search).

These two links might help you with readable flow charts. The reddit one is pretty recent and then there’s a main thread here with Lux’s great original versions.úril_2_ui_chart/

The official manual should answer all your questions:

To change the number of steps: From on and in stepped mode: 7H, wait for the third flash, release and input the number of steps.

To disable manual/hybrid memory: From on, 10H and release after the first flash, do nothing and wait for the flicker to end.

that is called Automatic Memory (10H from On in Advanced)

I had the same problem.

It is caused by Hybrid Memory timer, which by default is set to 10 minutes. You must disable Hybrid Memory, for Automatic Memory to work the way you describe.

Hybrid Memory is explained in the online manual. You can make the text as large as necessary to make it easy to read :slight_smile:

great link,

fwiw, that link does not come up when I google anduril 2 manual, dont know why

Thanks for all the comments!!

I've gotten Mode Memory to work as expected in the end! And I've changed the number of brightness levels down to five from seven.

The initial instructions I had were a bit vague, that is why I had difficulty in changing the settings.

The posted linked instructions were much clearer, thank you!

Great! That font size in the Sofirn……manual……is ridiculously tiny. I could hardly believe it when I got mine. Like what’s the point. Anduril is awesome in the ways it’s configurable. I don’t think most people use or appreciate a lot of what’s in there but it’s impressive, and really nice to set up a light so it really suits you.