Sofirn SP31 V2.0 vs SP32A(Picture Heavy)

This is a short comparison review of the Sofirn SP31 V2.0 vs SP32A.

The overall quality is well built, the casing is thick and the head and case screw in smoothly. I noticed it is a lot better built than some other manufacturers we have seen.
The SP31 has a button switch on the base, while the SP32A only has the button on the side.
The SP31 has an illuminated side button.
Something that the SP31 doesn’t have is the spring bypass, and appears to have a smaller springs, while the SP32 does have a bypass spring. The effects can be seen on the current draw.

Both flashlights come with a 3000mah 18650 battery. I managed to discharge it close to the 3000mah after 4 hours, when my discharger stopped the timer. So I think the 3000mah is on par with the spec.

The nice thing about the SP32 is that it has a ramp up mode from 5lm to 1300lm, and consist of 2 groups.
I don’t have the tools to do a detail analysis of the lumens output to compare.

The overall build quality and finish is very good. Seals are all lubricated.
The SP32 has a nice ramp mode.
The battery has good capacity.

Sofirn SP31 v2.0 Tactical Flashlight

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Modes & Runtime
Eco: 5Lumens (291 hr.)
Low: 50Lumens (26 hr., 49 min.)
Mid: 160Lumens (9 hr., 45 min.)
High: 500Lumens (3 hr., 41 min.)
Turbo: 1200Lumens (2 hr., 37 min.)

Sofirn SP32A V2.0

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Emitter: Cree XP-L2 LED Neutral White
Battery-powered: 1x 18650 battery included
Impact Resistant: 1 Meter
Two light Groups:
Group 1—-multi-modes: ECO (5lm) / Low (50lm) / Med (160lm) / High (500lm); double clicks for Turbo(1300 lm); Triple click for Strobe (1300lm)
Group 2—-Ramping: from 5 lumen to 1300 lumen; double click for Turbo (1300lm); Triple click for Strobe (1300lm)
Change From Group 1 to Group 2: hold& press the switch for 3 sec on any modes, 2 blinks confirm success.
Memory Function: Yes

Side by side

SP31V2.0 LED


Side by side casing

SP31 v2.0 current draw

SP32A current draw

Side by side base

Comparison SP32 vs SP31

Discharge voltage

Discharge mah

The tint of the SP31 v2.0 is not mentioned, what is your estimate of the color temperature tint of the XP-L Hi V3 LED of the SP31? Is it also neutral-white (5350-5750K like the Sofirn C8T which also uses an XP-L Hi LED)?

Thanks for the comparison. I didn’t realize that the new SP31 uses and XP-L HI. That’s pretty cool. I note that the photos in the Amazon listing appear to show a domed emitter.

The specs don’t mention the color temperature, so I have no idea, but I think your guess is pretty accurate.

The tint is a little cool compared to most NW lights. Probably 5500-6000 .