Sofirn SP36 -w/ comparative beamshots vs. Supbeam X40vn, Fenix FD65 on post #4

Got this production Sofirn SP36 from Gearbest.

Some specs, among others, from their site: HERE

●Up to 6000lm with four imported CREE XPL2 5350 - 5700K LEDs
● 3 different modes + NarsilM V1.2 program: stepless dimming from 0.5lm to 6000lm; 5-level brightness mode from 0.5lm, 10lm, 150lm, 2000lm to 6000lm; moonlight mode ( 0.5lm )
● USB Type-C interface, 5V DC 2A max. input, with red LED on during charging

Beamshots to follow tonight, in the meantime, some photos:

3 x 18650 for the Charge-it-yourself faction ——— Or Fast Charge capability: type-C charging port:

Beside the Nitecore EA41 4 X AA:

Beside the same in class 3x18650 Supbeam X40 (3 x 18650, magnetic rechargeable): Note the large tube size difference between same 3x18650 rechargeable lights!

Beside the 4x18650 Fenix FD65:

any news if a NW with 351D is planned?
High CRI would be also very nice

its listed as Utorch has the manufactory changed?

Yeah, an SP36 with 351Ds would be a nice addition.

The Utorch name has been added in GB’s product site being their home-brand (for exposure purposes) but it’s basically sub-contracted to Sofirn, that’s why the light itself has only the print “Sofirn SP36” .

Surprise! I am impressed!
The comparatively diminutive Sofirn SP36 can stand on its own against my Vn-modded Supbeam X40 (de-domed XML-2s) which has even much larger reflectors:

Versus the Fenix FD65:

Thankks for the beamshots tatasal!!! :+1: … My SP36 is supposed to be delivered in a couple of hours…. I can’t wait. :wink:

It’s really a nice light. I’m glad I jumped on it.

Yes, the NarsilM v1.2 is really a good match to this light.

A 3x18650 tube, with a bezel just as wide, is just about the right size for me…yet puts out a ton of light, far and wide.

Impressive! :+1:

Ordered mine this morning. You guys are making me feel real good about that. :smiley:

You’ll feel good about it, I’m pretty confident! :+1:

How is the battery fit? Does it seem fine for flattop and button top, protected and non protected. Do you see any limitations?

I have the SP36 and want to get a couple matched battery sets so I’m just making sure.


I just tested: (obviously no problem with my ‘default’ cells, my Sanyo NCR18650-GA)

Samsung INR18650-30Q flat-top - I was surprised they worked! — though I am not sure if all 3 are in contact

Samsung ICR18650-28A protected, button top, 69.9mm - surprisingly they fit and also worked (though I was concerned I might crush the cells’ buttons)

That’s great, I was considering either some protected 30Q cells at 69mm or protected GAs at 68.7mm, it looks like both will work.