Sofirn SP40: Headlamp with some hidden features

Sofirn SP40:

+ good build quality

  • USB-port (micro)
  • water resistant
  • comes with small battery tube and can even take a single CR123A (do not charge!)
  • runs off a powerbank in 250 lumens mode
  • temperature sensor
  • nice color rendition (NW) / beam floody with some throw

- heavy/large

  • no ultra low mode, UI simple but lacks sophistication

Video review:

Thanks for the review.
Some good information. This light is on my list.

Have you disassembled/examined the reflector at all? Can you comment if the dimensions would allow for a TIR optic like the Skilhunt?


The Sofirn is 20mm in diameter, the Skilhunt 16mm. I know, I love the TIR optic on a headlamp but the Sofirn SP40 is not bad as it has a OP-reflector and a very, very soft hotspot. So no tunnel effect I would say.

I guess u can take the SP40 apart with ease, the front glass and reflector are held in by a ss-ring.

Pretty kewl. Getting tired of rubber-flaps on usb ports, ’though, as not one have I ever seen which stays on and waterproof worth a damn. Even on my MH20 it’s way too easy to just open up in my pocket.

How’s the light with the shorty tube mount in the headband? Imagine only with 1 loop, but wondering if that’s enough to hold it in-place without jiggling around.

Yes, SP40 can take single CR123A.

Never use 2* CR123A batteries

Yes, it is not a ultra-robust light with that rubber-flap. But duct tape will give that extra layer of protection should I ever take it into some flooded area. You can mount it well with the shorty tube. Problem is adjusting the angle quickly as the silicone holder is very narrow.

That kind of holder is excellent with a ‘T’ shaped light, not an ‘L’ shaped one. Eg, on the Boruit RJ02, you slip one end in one loop, and the other end in the other loop. Done. You don’t need to feed 80% of the light through the first loop and then streeeetch on the second loop.

(Btw, I really like the holder on the RJ02. It’s actually just about perfect in every way. Just enough grip to keep it in place but not have to fight with it to adjust it.)

Then again, the holder on the D25 and variants (2 stiff ‘C’ brackets to hold the light) usually ends up pulling the light out of the holder, vs slipping the headlamp/headband off your head.

What about dusting the inside of the loops with talcum powder or somesuch, to (in theory) reduce “grippiness” and let the light tilt more quickly?

The holder on the Skilhunt H03 works well for the SP40, pretty much perfect. I might get a RJ02 just for the holder and I am not sure of the powder, its really a tight squeeze. But good idea in principle! BTW: A fellow reviewer found out that the short battery tube works well on a SP32 V 2.0: That is very cool, like you get a new flashlight :wink: