Sofirn SP40 Headlamp

Thanks for the review gchart :wink:
It seems to be a nice headlamp :wink:

I’ll make “mine” these words, too:

I hope Sofirn “listens” to these things and that you can pass them our thoughts!
Being a 18650/18350 headlamp, I would get one if the Moon/direct access to moon is included :wink:

I’ve asked for Low to be lower, 1-3 lumens. And for direct access via long-press from Off.

I’m sure this is harder to change, but I also mentioned to them that the end-button is more awkward to use than side-button.

I think the headlamp is great as-is, but these things could make it a huge hit.

Thank you :wink:
And I have the same opinion, this may be a big hit budget headlamp :wink:

Thanks gchart. Those would be great improvements. Although I’d also like to keep the 12 lm low mode in addition to the 1-3 lumens (or even lower) ultra low/moonlight mode. I think that would be ideal.

The steel clip IMHO appears to be an improvement over some others provided by other mfg’s.

May end up getting the light to add to my right-angle tube light collection (for the time being, EagleEye X1R). Definitely could use a moonlight low mode.

+1. However, if they can reduce Low to 3lm or so, that would be acceptable. The spec is 5lm, but gchart measures 12lm, so it definitely needs to come down.

The button position can’t really be changed and that’s okay for this iteration as Sofirn tends to go to “v2” within a few months :stuck_out_tongue: .

MicroUSB is a terrible connector, but unavoidable at this price. I won’t use it, anyway. Surprisingly, I do sometimes use the USB-C charging on my Astrolux FT03, mainly because it’s faster than my “real” charger. I think built-in charging is great for muggles that can get everything they need in one kit, but I’d gladly trade it for a better UI or an extra strap (they wear out quickly, though I’m still using some 16 years old).

Thanks goodness there’s no SOS :+1: , especially one in the main sequence! There’s a special place in hell for companies that put any bright flashing mode there.

The AliExpress page adds Sofirn’s “3000mAh” 18650 to the kit for $3 more. Nooner found the cell to be a DLG that 59 reported to be similar to the LG MH1. That’s not a high-drain cell, but $3 is fair enough. Note that Sofirn’s protected “3400mAh” cell was found to be the exact same battery.

Too bad we can’t have Narsil or Anduril on everything :wink: . Budget drivers likely don’t use ATtinys, but a man can dream.

I need a new headlamp and would love to buy a Sofirn, so… firmware improvement would be nice and a group buy would be awesome.


# Lowest level < 5lm

# Hold from Off —> Moon/Low

If #2 is unreasonable, what about disabling mode memory and always starting at Moon/Low? 3-mode lights don’t really need memory and turbo is always available.

If the button is easy enough to press, you might be able to grab the sides of the head with thumb (under) and middle finger (top) and use the forefinger to press the button. Maybe. I can see how the button works best on the end from a design and manufacturing point of view, since there’s likely room for it to be recessed and the overall appearance is cleaner. It also gives access down the axis of the tube, which might be useful during assembly?

Meanwhile I have also received my SP40. It's nice of Sofirn to include the 18350 battery tube. However, I also asked Sofirn to forward some suggestions to improve the UI, e.g. a hidden moonlight mode (long press from OFF) as well as a better configuration for the indicator LED. As far as I was told, they will forward my feedback to Barry.

nice shorty light.

if it have moon mode around 1 lumens + ramping UI then im all over it :slight_smile:

too high, it should be 0.3-1.0lm certainly not more then 1lm.

Thank you!
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By the way, thank you all for comment your thoughts and suggestions. :+1: :+1:
We appreciated it a lot.

I confirm that the button light always stays on. It's pretty bright, so some people may feel distracted/disturbed by it.

By the way, thank you all for comment your thoughts and suggestions. :+1: :+1:
We appreciated it a lot.[/quote

Please make it happen and I will buy a couple :slight_smile:

I’m sure it will be hot sale if u listen to customers. :slight_smile:

Yeah, looking forward for a dedicated,modern headlamp that one day will be most wanted…

Sorry for the delay… here ya go.

Seems like this is a winner over the Convoy. But, I have my Lumzoo and a Boruit D10, and I already don’t use them :innocent:

Wait, why is regulation on high mode quite poor?

I didn't catch that, but yes. It looks like a thermal throttle at first, but I can't figure out why the output continues dropping past 300 lumens. I'd expect the battery, at 3500mAh, to last longer on high. Maybe not, though.

Do we have to ask gchart for a temperature vs. voltage vs. output runtime graph now? })

Yes, and bypass the springs if possible.
The driver may see a lower voltage drop that way.
On high, it shouldn’t be a problem, but on turbo with active cooling(running), should help.