Sofirn SP40 Review

Hello All!

Sofirn sent me the SP40 for review. I guess they saw my fanboy posts on Amazon and wanted to get a few more of them in there! I gave my usual fanboy version of “buy this flashlight” on there for muggles that may risk getting a low quality light instead. However, I also wanted to contribute a bit to the community here with a little more depth and quality. I feel like most things have been covered already by the great reviewers in this community so I want this to be more of a followup for people considering modification. With this being my first review I would love to hear some feedback about if this is helpful or not and anything I could do better.

Some pictures will be redundant and there will be a summary of measurements at the bottom if just looking to see if you have the parts on hand to modify or need to order parts.

Here is just the flashlight and the shorty in the headband. I’ve seen some posts saying the headband leaves a little to be desired as it is tight and I can’t disagree with that opinion. Although I must say I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the band and found it to be quite comfortable.

The driver is not super easy to remove as there are no place for clip-ring pliers to unscrew it so my disassembly for the driver stopped there.

The reflector is exactly 17.0mm wide by 7.8mm tall. With the glass added it is 8.9mm if looking to replace with a TIR.

The MCPCB is 17mm and access is a little awkward which is natural for a right angle light. Reflowing the LED should still be easy enough.

Thanks for reading guys and let me know if you have any suggestions. I will add anything I dig into further in this post.

Not long ago I also reviewed the SP40. Great kit for starters because it is very flexible being a right angle light that can be used as a headlamp and because it includes a battery and can be charged via USB. The quality is OK and not too expensive.

For a headlamp the spot might be too narrow. d-c-fix mostly solved this for me, though.

Thanks for the MCPB measurement. Seems like an easy swap.