Sofirn SP40A - Short Tube does not fit :/

I got a new Sofirn SP40A to use with the 18350 battery tube and it does not fit. Anyone else have issues like this ? I am trying to track down help but keeping getting we are not the same team - ??? there is an amazon team, a Sofirn team, and a aliexpress team from what I can figure out. Is there not just Sofirn the company that can help me ?

The short tube will fit into the head, but the tailcap will only go maybe a 1/4 turn onto the threads and stops.

1 team told me its a new light and it might not be suitable for a short tube why is it shown in pictures with it ? why did it come with one ?

I just got an IF22A and its a nice light but I think this will be my last Sofirn.

Did you switch the tube around so that the tail cap and the head trade places? Is the problem just the tail cap?

I can’t address your problem directly but I can say there are different threads on some of these short tubes or maybe the caps, can’t remember. I know I used the 18350 tube that came with my SP40 on my SC31pro. It fit into the head but the SC31 cap would not thread on all the way. I had to use the cap from the SD40. Agin, my memory of this might be wrong but I do know there was an issue.

The SP40A shouldn’t be any different to the SP40, only with an add TIR lens.

Quite certain I provided input to you on the Sofirn FB page