Sofirn SP70 Alone $50, PM for AMZ US CODE(LIMITED)

The Gold Golisi 26650 is the best in class I’ve found to date, it works in series and is only 5A behind a 30T in max output in my simple tests.

If overseas ordering is an issue, there are options. Might cost a buck or two more, might have to look for em, but they’re out there…

It could go either way.

Just bought another pair of the GOLISI 26650 4300's for $19.55 shipped - regular price, $6.30 each plus shipping.

Here's the direct link, say'n only 16 left:

I'm a huge fan of the Shockli 5500 mAh from Mtn. Mine work in series in my L6 and don't disappoint. I have heard reports that the current stock at Mtn doesn't work in series anymore, though.

If anyone is planning to use a spacer of similar style to the Jaxman version, be sure to bypass the springs.

If your not sure, don’t buy them.

Just a reminder about the Liitokala Store at Aliexpress: Here is a negative review to consider…

Is that the LiitoKala Store, the LiitoKala Official Store, the Official LiitoKala Store, the Famous LiitoKala Store, the Original Famous LiitoKala Store, the Real Original LiitoKala Store, the Original Real LiitoKala Store, or something else?

A big problem is that there are so many Liitokala stores or Official Liitokala stores that you can’t tell one from the other. If you dig deeper you can see that each store has an ID number. I’ve ordered some legit cells from an Aliexpress store, but they shipped from Turkey and took like 5-6 weeks to arrive to the US. This was over a year ago. Here is the store link if anyone wants it.
To better identify this store, they have 37,900 followers and are a “Supplier Since 09 Jan 2013”. I can’t find their store #.


Anyone else find it strange the vast majority of Australia is dark and full of dangerous animals yet you cant get flashlight batteries or guns?

As I stated above… I have never to date gotten a ’fake’ Liitokala 26650 from GearBest or Banggood. They have all been real.

Best I remember from threads & posts long past, they were rated 20A continuous & 30A pulse.

I have 22 of them, purchases ranging from when they first came out to about 6 months ago IIRC.

I’ve managed to get batteries from Mountain Electronics (max of 4 I think, I only got 2), but I’m concerned that if I buy some from AliExpress they’ll be rejected :confused: don’t really want to drop ~$30 and for it to never arrive.

(It’s 8am in Sydney now :wink: )

Those 2 specific stores try to maintain their good reputation of not selling fakes.

Aliexpress, on the other hand, is like eBay. It’s made up of many small stores and sellers and it’s hard to tell who exactly your buying from and if their feedback is good or fabricated.

I make a point to follow the legit stores as well as put the items I’m interested in on my wishlist. When dealing with items from stores I’m not familiar with I read a lot of store and product reviews before buying.

Try the Vapcell store on aliexpress. It says they ship to AU for free.

Oh lots of them say they do ship to AU - it’s more worrying about customs rejecting due to not playing by their arbitrary rules. I’m planning on getting the Sofirn 5C 26650s :slight_smile:

That makes good sense Jason. :+1:
It’s not worth it ’to me’ to buy from some unknown on AE & risk getting crappy cells to save a few bucks. Only cells I have from AE came in a couple of Sofirn Lights. Those cells seemed to be fine.
I probably would & will buy some at some point from that AE Store BlueSwordM mentioned a few weeks ago when I need some again though. He said she was legit. Here is a link to that site:

Another Recent POST where BSM recommends this AE Store for legit batteries.

I get most of mine from LiIon Wholesale. Wish they had Liitokala 26650’s… :wink:

I haddadoit, justhadda. SP70 ordered.

Sofirn tells me my test light just shipped out today. I thought it went out last week. :person_facepalming: Oh well, maybe this is a true production light. I’ll keep you updated.

Seem my SP70 with HD26650 were actually shipped yesterday even though the status show shipped since 2 Mar.

Better late than never I guess. :wink: