Sofirn SP70: EPIC light

My review of the SP70.

Observations: At 11:33 you will see that it is much brighter than the Sofirn Q8 with high drain 18650ies, the SP70 was powered with Sofirn 26650 - batteries. Excellent build quality, much better than i.e. the Thorfire S70 which was a predecessor to this light. The Sofirn SP70 is 100% water resistant, the UI is brilliant and heat sinking is superb. What a light!

Soooooo… if I understand you correctly, you kinda like it? :laughing:

Yeah, this one is really nice. I sold my Thorfire S70 a while ago because of the not very responsive UI and other little problems. The Sofirn SP70 has none of those quirks but instead a few 1000 lumens more and a perfect UI. It is the king in my collection of lights from now on. Sad that I do not use large lights very often.

Just wondering… did you ever melt the church tower like you dud the chocolate bunny? :laughing:

I thought this was an old video of mi Convoy L6 at the preview, well then a new version of an old light from another manufacturer, well done Sofirn.

@Markus, next time for your video it would be better if you could look at / in the objective of your camera instead at the control screen.
Once you have set the frame and verified your are within the frame, you don’t really need to constantly look at the screen to be sure that things are in the frame. It’s better for the audience. You probably feel that something is odd when someone who is talking to you is looking somewhere next at your side.

Your shots at the begenning with different angles on the product would be more useful if you would add specifications about it. LED type, dimension of the reflector, overall dimensions, batteries size, etc.

Sorry for the digression, just suggestions.

Great review Markus. The only problem I have with your review is that it makes me have to buy the SP70 dammit! Thanks for your help.

Don’t buy it IMO.

Wait for the BLF version instead.

Didn’t know about that when will it be available?

There are quite a bit of compromises in the light, like steel springs, no AR lens, good but not great MOSFET for direct drive, not top bin LED, high CCT, etc.

Therefore, I would just wait for the light until it is released. Save your 50$US for that upgraded light.

Thank you for the info. I am a patient man and I’ll wait till then. I prefer to buy them once and buy them right okay maybe twice but I want them right both times.

I’m anxious for the blf version but to be fair, the current version is still a good bang for the buck. I use it nightly and so far it’s been a great all-around’r. With the upgrades BlueSword mentioned, it may become my favorite light.