Sofirn To Canada Shipping Update *[Update]* But Can Be Shipped From Aliexpress!]

Just a heads up on shipping to Canada from Sofirn. I was gonna order the SC21. Anyway, yesterday Sofirn informed me that they cannot ship to Canada at this time. They might be able to ship to Canada in a month’s time. Thanks and that’s all and have a good day. :slight_smile:

Ordered one from the aliexpress shop a few minutes ago, no problem and under 21$ ( usd ) .

Oh, okay great that Ali is good to go and I believe the shipping problem is if you order straight from Sofirn site. So if you want some Sofirn items, just order tru Ali. :+1:

And you get to choose 2700-4000-5000

Dang! even better and we’re talking about the SC21 Mini, right? If so do you have a link and 2700K would be awesome as it’s gonna go with my car keychain so need WW led. Hmmm, maybe even 4000K. :laughing:

Hey, thanks man, and who needs Sofirn now! :smiley: Okay yeah now I get it and it’s their own store. I completely forgot about that. This is what happens when you haven’t been to Ali in a while. :laughing:

Yeah, that SC31 Pro is sure good-looking. I was deciding myself whether to grab it. My Convoy C8+ uses SST40 and my Lumintop EDC18 is already around 2800 Lumens. I saw that it’s 2000 Lumens using SST40 so I passed on it for now. If it were to be my EDC, I would probably want something in the 3000-3400 Lumen range. Well to each his own and I’m sure it’s gonna be a great EDC for ya. :+1: