Sofrin Nichia E21A 4000k AAA/10440 and Cr123/Rcr123 flashlights

would you buy sofrin AAA/10440 and Cr123/Rcr123 flashlights with Nichia E21A @ 4000k color temp 98 CRI??

If yes please show your interest..

what I like to see if these ever happened

1. AAA and 10440 li-ion support

2. Fully programmable

3. Copper and Titanium and steel models

4. Focused beam for the best throw possible

5. Cheape price

6. Good pocket clip

7. Triple or Quad or even single led for the cr123/ rcr123 model

8. For triple and Quad I prefer Mule light like Foursevens atom series

9. Low voltage cutoff

10. Tail stand

11. Fully potted lights just like the sofrin C01

12. Artifact free beam on both models

13. Smooth reflector for both models with single led for very focused beam

14. Tail clicky switch for both

15. Square Cut threads

16. No PWM on all levels

so what you think??

I would buy several of both battery size models if the UI is decent.


If they did everything I said above and if the design was beautiful 100% with no cheating at all I would be interested in

50 - 100 lights for me alone!!

For cr123 design idea see the Egaletac d25c 2014-2016 Titanium

Yep … sounds good to me.

Multi emmiter yes please


+ One Billion :smiley:


Interested. Deep carry clip if possible as well

interested from AAA/10440

I would like:
+using 16340/18350
+1000 lumen 98+cri from bichia e21( 2 or 3 emitters)
+no FET, only amc7135, i dont want to fry those beautiful leds
+usb charging would be nice to have, but that won’t be deal breaker

programmable mule!

Hell yes!

I’m interested. Just copy the Olight UI please, or something more or less in that direction…

If it has HOLD for ON/OFF, I’m NOT interested. I hope this will be awesome lights…

I haven’t tried the E21A but after positive experiences with their 219 A, B, and C emitters; I’m certainly interested. Some caveats are that I like to use Eneloops, I prefer a simple UI, and I don’t want PWM. I’m happy with 4000K for general use but I’d also be interested in seeing some warmer options.

Hell yeah! Intersted!


Definite yes!

No usb at all! I want to keep it as simple as possible and less things to go wrong. And fully programmable driver so can users program it to what ever they want.

Thank you for reminding me of the PWM! I was thinking about it but couldn't remember what I am missing