Solar charger


I’m thinking of using solar panels to charge mobile devices/tablets and powerbanks. Any good efficiency panels to recommend from BG, GB or Aliexpress? Thinking of picking up a 30-50W panel or am I still better of charging off the grid? Thanks.

Depends. I use both.
But travel in caravan and used to do on my yacht.

Solar are convenient with panel on top of Ute canopy. Car etc.
for multiple things. Spare battery in rear. lectric fridges. Strip lighting.
Keep main battery topped up etc etc.
95% of my friends etc run 4wd’s/utes. 80% of them have a 60/80w panel on top through a 6A regulator.
Primarily to board in rear and battery’s. Board has AC Charger and multiple outlets for different things.
Fridge. Compressor. Lappie. Lights. TV etc.

Go on SOlar Forums and look at reviews for the better Chinese panels.
I use LG and Kyocera. Japanese. and Bosch German. They more exxy but better panels.