Solar panel recharging for AA, C, D cells **Help finding a reliable one**

Can anyone recommend one for those of us that sometimes have longer power outages and would like to have the option to recharge 2-4 enloops ect at a time? AAA, AA, C, D batteries.

Being able to place in the back window deck of a car would also be a plus.

I don’t know how reliable they are but I saw these Camelion solar rechargers on Ebay for AA/AAA.

I imagine they are quite slow to charge (200 mA for 2 batteries, 100 mA for 4).

I have a ACCUCEL- 8150 & UF-139 with 12v input. I am looking for a 12v Solar Charger at a good price.

I only have experience with the Goal Zero line of products, which I find to be well designed, well built, readily available and somewhat pricey…but they do work and work well. We use them for northwoods camping and boating trips.

Northern Hydraulics has a neat selection of solar gear of all sorts and needs, as does Illumination Supply. Battery Junction too.

We’re planning on doing solar to charge a small bank of 12v batteries in a cabin, so am looking at alot of products. There is a similar & recent thread on BLF to the same question.