Solarforce L2 flashlight + heatsinks for mags

I’m selling few items to fund for other things :slight_smile:

First is a solarforce L2 host goldish/orange color

Iv been using cheap 18650 battery and the light flicks to low mode a lot due to low voltage of the battery and I think the led is a XML- U2 led set up for 3 modes L-M-H

asking 21.00 shipped

I’ll be adding few mag heatsinks when I get pics and very odds and ends

i bought these off cpf and never used them one is copper and other is aluminum im asking 11.00 each and 2.00 for s/h

here is a AA mini mag im asking 10 shipped + p/p fees

It’s just a stock mini mag body with no other parts but the reflector

sorry for not knowing but could you put more detail on the heatsinks for the mags?

or link

Definately interested!!

1st and 2nd post updated

how was the mini mag modified just external?

The mini mag is stock, it’s just the body and a reflector