Solarforce L2 Sand or Gold? Which is it?.. You make the call...

Well after acquiring my first ever Solarforce hosts, I was anxious to receive them and especially the Sand colored one. Turns out, I had read of people slightly peeved that their new "sand" colored L2 turned out to be a metallic gold color. Well, being the newb I am (and this is the first ever Solarforce in my life let alone ever seeing the "Sand" color) I didn't have a clue as to proper coloring. But after searching Google Images, I saw a few others that made me think mine is not the true "sand" color I thought I was getting.

My photo is first, followed by a photo I got off the Google Image search. I think I got a "gold" color and am sort of bummed. The "sand" depicted in the second photo seems to have a slight rose hue to it...really nice looking IMO. Dam!

Well, mine looks Gold to me...Surprised You make the call.

Edit: WTH. I entered the photos below the text and this is the way it comes out??

Hard to tell with photos, different camera settings (especially the white balance and EV settings) could make them both look exactly the same.

Yeh, actually my photo is looking a little "bronzy" on the screen. It's a little lighter color in real life. Just wonder though. Too much time on my hands lately...Laughing

Looks like burnt bronze (first photo)

Solarforce had run several different batches.

The anodising on my 2011 L2 is shinier and has a copper hue to it, where on my 2010 L2r it is flatter and lighter.

Still, both of them I'd call "light gold, metallic" rather than "tan/ sand"

I would call my sand SF torches gold colored instead of sand. A matte gold color.

I think you should "torch" it or bake it and see what colour it changes to.

I would love to but my daughter has claimed both of them. I guess that gives some idea about the color.


I was thinking more gold than sand. You are onto me though, I would like to duracoat a L2 in pink for her.