Solarforce L2M Host: $10.99

I decided to pick up a couple of Solarforce hosts, finally. I'm not really a fan of P60 dropins due to the thermal issues, however lately I've grown fond of some 501B hosts I have. I decided to try one with some flexibility. The L2M for $10.99.

What I like about it is the shorty mode option, being able to run it from 1x16340/18350, or 1x18650 (even 2x16340/18350 with the right drop-in).

Yep, it’s been priced at $10.99 for nearly a year now.
They’re really great hosts with smooth nick-free anodizing. Love the massive proud forward clicky on the end as well.

OK, didn’t know they were that price for a year, I would not have held out this long :smiley:
I like forward clicky, which is another reason I went for it.

Simple but still look good, nonetheless.

I’m tempted to buy one of these… it looks nice, and has forward clicky… but are there any multimode drop-ins that work with forward clicky? (so that it wont change mode every time light goes on/off)

I’ve had no problems with multi-mode drivers and a forward clicky. It works backwards to a reverse-clicky:
Forward-clicky = quick-press to set your mode, then lock the button.
Reverse-clicky = lock the button, then quick-press to set your mode.

The SF XM-L U2 is fine. It’ll only change modes if you turn it off/on within a second. But you’ll want to run this drop in on 2x18350 over 1x18650.

I also have the ultra fire XM-L T6 3 mode and that’s fine too.

That sounds very familiar. I am no fan of p60 lights either but have some drop-ins that can make for some nice modding, and a ir and a uv drop-in that do not pull too much current. The 502b host that came with the uv-drop-in I find massive and ugly.

And guess what ordered a week ago? That very L2M host for the unbeatable $10.99

Hmmmm , dont drive them at such high current !

Get a 2A driver or a 1.4A driver , and it will run just fine ...

But when you try to jam 3A or 4A or 5A , well , yeah it gets hot !

Any P60 will get hot , but just put in a sane driver , and the P60 is a joy to own , produces more than enough output (2A)

I have several with 1.4A drivers , and they are so sweet to use

Just swap out the switch if you want.

Well, the thing is that I’m quite picky with my light’s UI :smiley:
I want forward clicky and multiple modes. But I also want to be able to put the light on/off as I please, so the x-second wait times for not changing modes are not acceptable to me :\

I found out that there was 3mode Thrunite drop-in that only changed modes after series of rapid on/off cycles. That would have worked for me, but unfortunately it was rather pricey(and sold out too). Too bad there does not seem to be budget drop-ins that work like that :confused:

I did a quick search for info from the site for shipping cost and didn’t find it.
Maybe until ready to hit the button to pay? Any info if free shipping to CONUS?


I think they just tack on a $2 handling fee.

Correct. To Australia anyway.

If anyone needs switches. I got some nice 3A forward and reverse clickies from SolarForce. The package comes with all the extra adapter fittings for the L2s which may or may not be used in other lights. It also includes a high quality boot cap…all for $1.99 each.