SolarForce L2r deal...

I’ve not paid much attention to the L2r as of yet, still being on the noob 18650 P60 kick - at least with SF torches. But I see the L2r mentioned fondly quite often, and I was just browsing the SF site for fun when I saw this sale (L2 + 2xAA extension ) and figured I’d post it as a friendly gesture to my new BLF pals.

Maybe you SF fans have already mentioned this somewhere in some threads, but I hadn’t noticed yet. I know the original L2r was one piece, but wouldn’t the multiple cell type option be even better? Looks nice, anyway. :slight_smile: I may have to pick one or two up as nice gift options for non-flashlight geeks.


Thanks for the heads-up, but unfortunately that is a 18mm body and extension - not quite the same as the sleek, streamlined L2R of days gone by….

Why do they always stop making the good stuff ??

Oh, it that what it is? Ahh…okay, I get it now. I didn’t notice any sort of sleeve for the AA size cells. Makes total sense though. Thank you. :slight_smile:

It may be more a case of now that we can't have it, we want it. I ordered the original one piece L2r a long time ago and honestly regarded it as a throw-away light. I traded it away and then Solarforce quit carrying it and I suddenly wanted it back.

I bet if SF made it available again, we would ignore it like we used to. Because of the L2r's 2 x AA/14500 form factor, I can almost understand them DCing it but why did they kill the L2i? People were actually buying that host. I bought about a dozen a couple of Christmases ago, loaded them with 3-mode Q5's and gave them as gifts. People I gave them to thought I spent a lot more than I did. They cost barely $11 to make.


I know what you mean about the L2i - there are several around the neighborhood that I gifted to non-flashaholics, and it always makes me smile to see them walk the dog(s) equipped with some SF goodness.