Solarforce L2T lego compatability

can someone confirm if this extension tube will suit the L2T

extension tube

While they will fit together, I would not call it suitable.

The finishes and knurling are different. The L2T has a more matte finish, and no knurling on the body.

yeah I figured that astheticaly they wouldnt suit , but Im considering getting the MPP 1 head and to get the most out of it as SF states

1 x 18650 = 200 lum

2 x18650 = 275 lum

if its well regulated one or two batts make no difference yeah ? runtime doesnt bother me , but if using 2 batts brightens it up well thats the way I'd go

Mine is a bit brighter on 2 cells.

If you have the extra scratch, the L2X extended body looks great attached to the MPP1 head.

I just got the MPP-1 a couple days ago and it's definitely much better on two batteries. I went with the L2P body, and the extension tube. The tube came in the HAIII finish and matches everything great. It's a nice enough light to justify the extra cost, and you get the added bonus of having the L2P when you don't want the large head of the MPP-1. There's lots of options, but this one looked the best in my eyes.

I doubt you'll see much diffference in a 75 lumen increase .

it's noticeable....