SolarForce Pro 1

My tail switch went out on brand new SF MPP-1 now whatYell

I just got the light clicked it a few times then "POOF" no click.

Maybe something slipped apart. You may be able to take the tail apart and put it back together and it will work. But if you bought from solarforce-sales, they will probably send you a new part.

And put back together well I sent SF a e-mail we will see how they stand by

their product..

just got L2T bad switch...they are sending one. no questions asked except where to sent it. always best to tell them right away .SFF is at the top of my list. kinda.was looking at m8 but got a couple p60 hosts instead . sry wastrying to post from phone .vwouldnt work right :-P

did it take them to respond..

Do you have any other tailcaps from which you could scavenge a switch?

I was going to look at my other lights when I got home to see if a cap might fit

hey Chicago X... you have a SF M8 or a SF PRO 2

I have a MMP-1 and Skyline 1 as far as SF throwers, sorry.

Still trying workout a trade for trustfire x6 sst-90

You don't need to hope that a tailcap fits. Just take the switch out of some light that you don't care about as much and put it in the SF.

orig msg to SFS - Sun, 21 Aug 2011 19:37:07

respond with my shipping address - Monday, August 22, 2011 9:27 PM

SFS responded with tracking number - Wednesday, August 24, 2011 4:21 A

I will take that kind of response from any company esp a HK seller

there is something to be said for not stringing people out, waisting there time. and some places seem like they dont want to help you or cant , and really whats the difference

hope they do right as a switch is a bit costly