Solarforce Skyline I and II - sick prices

Couldn't resist - took one of each. Wife's gonna kill me.


And I remember some of you guys like Solarforce puzzles, same seller has a sale on SF bodies - check his other items.

Those are nice prices. But not this month :-(

Oh my. Why don't I like 18650 lights again? Infinite output adjustment? 250 hours on low? Nice! Very, very nice. Thanks for the tip! They won't last long at that price.

Just purchased 2 bodies a AA and 18650/cr123. Couldn't help myself. They have alot of other things I would like to have as well

and sb56637 Um Why don't you like them???

Those are the best prices i have seen yet........too bad for me i would get the Skyline 2 since i have been eyeing that since it first came out.

Nice price, but these are 2 of the ugliest lights I've seen. :)

Lol, its beautiful too me.....lmao.

That's a great price. Neat interface, but I'm not crazy about the looks of those lights (so knobby!), plus I don't want anymore XR-E lights.

I would trade my Nitecore D10 for one of

One more review for Skyline I:

And some eye candy:

Awesome pics of the light...thanks for posting the link.

For me it's the same, especially as I already have a 504B with R2.

But I couldn't resist thinking "OK, so it's ugly and that amount of throw is totally useless. But at that price it's impossible to lose money even when immediately trading it away, right? And WOW - I WANT THAT LIGHTSABER!" ;)

You can't argue with that. Sometimes you just want something.

These do look like great lights. The down side for me is that you have to use 2 x CR123A primaries to get maximum power. They wont accept the rechargeable 2 x RCR123A because it would burn out the driver. 1 x 18650 doesn’t produce full power. It looks like solarforce is marketing these to folks that don’t mind blowing money on disposable batteries.

Ok I just ordered one so when it comes it we'll trade right?

Sure which one did you order......

You would really trade your D10 for that?

Remember what i was telling you about my job....well it did happened. I have been wanting that light since forever but was not going to pay the price for one.

About the 3.0 CR123s - I've found this:

By description it's 3V.

By DX picture it's 3.6V.

By customer picture it's 3V again (

By user comments it seems to be charged by 3 or 3.6 V charger and have 3 - 3.5V when charged.

DX - the best descriptions ever.

I have a couple of the Tenergy's that are 3volts but in reality put out about 3.2-3.4volts out of the charger.