Solarforce Skyline I

I found this when i was searching for best and cheapest thrower

I was amazed by the skyline... And then i found this

And now is the question. Is there any thrower that can compare with this one for 30 $? And whats secund option if this one is too expencive?

It's probably the best fit and finish for $30 thrower, coming from SF. The MRV/C8's, dedicated reflex thrower or the hs-802 might throw slightly better depending on your luck but none of them are going to be even close in overall quality.

Very nice build. The beam is very tight and with it's size makes it of limited use but everyone should own one for the price. The Skyline II is another nice one just whithout as much heft and throw

+1 on the build quality. If all of their lights were made this well, Solarforce could take down the big names !!!

If you want the ultimate thrower in a budget category, and you already have any of Solarforce L2/L2P/L2T, this is the one:

Great quality, HA-III finish, AR coated lens and over 40000 lux at 1 m.

yeah...I was thinking the same, only missing 50 $ and body for it :D.Thats why i turned to this skyline :D

You don't need a body. It comes with a free L2i body at present. That means whatever cells you are currently set up for, AAA's, 16340's or 18650's can be used.

Damn. I'm already over-spent on my light budget for this month and next but I think I've just talked myself into getting one. Must wait until late September but voice in head says get it now with the free L2i tube, glad SWMBO can't hear it.........

izvini hrvoje :) my bad...havent read hole description :D tought its just head...and now Im into this flashlight and if I get it I want have much money to get charger i cell :( damn now i dont know what to do

i have had my skyline for a few days now

really liking this thing - even after being slightly disappointed at first !

my initial impression was it didnt have enough pop on (1) 18650 and i dont keep cr123 primaries on hand

its solid. good coating and i would defiantly get it again

the handle is i little odd sized because the head is so long but it has a good carry feel once you hold it for a bit, the handle to me is excellent. i dont like regular knurling like in a maglight for instance , it feels weird , SL1 very grippy and the large cubes dont feel as annoying as small knurling. if you are a fan of grip this good. it does dramatically contrast with the very smooth head but the head flares out it provides some resistance.

tail-cap is good , protected and tail stands , ALTHOUGH a 1/16th of a turn and it doent light up ... not sure why it looses contact , threads are coated i guess

its bright enough but is lacking on 18650 , IDK what the mAh measurment for output current is but i got this with the intent of dropping an xml in it

the ramping is fast , hard to get a good low mode at first

disco is 2 clicks from off position , out of the way but useful to have and is deployed easily and yet out of the way

no long distance tests but the infinate mode makes it useful close even if its all throw , xml will help

if you want a $30 light saber ...

Anybody tested the lux numbers of the Skyline 1?

I've been searching but there are different numbers being state by owners.