Solarforce Skyline II - flickery PWM on lowest level?

Hi everyone,

Well, I'm now in the Li-Ion club with some XTAR 18700s, a sweet MRV flashlight, and a Solarforce Skyline II that I bought. I love the design of the Skyline II, it's high quality, has a bright throwy beam, and has a nifty ramping light output level system. But... PWM on the lowest setting is AWFUL! I mean, REALLY bad. I can almost count the cycles, must be around 15hz. Like a dim strobe. Does anyone else have this issue? If that's just how it is, maybe I'll live with it. Otherwise I might have to file an RMA.

Thanks for your help!

OK, I'm waiting for the "Google it!!" answers. Oh wait, you guys are actually nice. :bigsmile: I guess I should have searched for this before though:

Search for the acronym "PWM" on any one of those pages. I guess that's just how it is. :~

PWM is slow , Does not worry me , but some folks just hate it

Yeah, I belong to that camp. :|

It's a known issue on both Skylines. It's funny that Solarforce touts that feature so much; I never use it. It is an XR-E thrower so, low for me has limited value. I knew you would like the Skyline. It's a quality piece.


The Skyline 1 on it's lowest setting is is sort of randomly flickery rather than the fixed flicker you would normally expect from PWM.

It does make a great cat toy though, they will happily chase that little white spot around :)