Solarforce (SST-50, P7, MCE) 3-6V Drop ins running on 3.7 volts

I want to try one of those SST-50, P7 or the MCE drop in from Solarforce, sadly their voltage is 3-6 volts, which requires two cr123 primaries. I dont want to spend on primaries and was wondering what is the effect if I run these on a SINGLE 3.7 volts batteries, I know runtime would be reduced but would brightness be affected too ?

Which of these does not have the donut hole ?

actually runtime would be about the same

however depending on the driver, yes output would be affected

at full charge you will be at 4.2 volts

a bit less than the capable 6 volts, however most drivers this isnt a problem, it will only be slightly dimmer

Most of the cheaper drivers don't have boost+buck. If it works at 6v, it means it's going to sag to varying extent as the battery voltage approaches Vf. You can buy 2x 16340 rechargeables, however.

I want to run in on a single RCR123. I already have the 8.4 volt drop in. I am targeting a smaller/shorter with a p60 drop in light with the same brightness as my 8.4 drop in

It's generally not a good idea to run standard lithiums at >2c draw, which is what's going to happen with a properly driven MCE+. Not to mention abysmal runtimes.

But anyway, it should work, more or less.

Well said.

meh, i do it all the time. i just buy Surefire cr123s lol

two cr123's on 2.8amp from my MC-E and p7 flashlights. i however dont run them that often

shoot they are used in higher drawing xenon flashlights lol

shoot they are used in higher drawing xenon flashlights

Those 3v primaries are rated to ~1.5A regardless of whether they say surefire or not, and they expect you to load two unprotected cells into an enclosed metal tube. So, yeah....

have yet to have one blow up.

and if thats the case why do large companies like that use 10W+ xenon bulbs with the battery?

It doesn't mean it'll blow up, just that it increases the risk of failure since it's run out of spec.

Surefire is also hardly the paragon of "quality" that some make them out to be.

In his case, it's only 1 battery so not a big deal, but voltage will also sag heavy at that kind of draw so it probably doesn't help the dimming.