Solarforce XML2 P60 dropin how's the performance?

I’m looking for a new dropin for my bored Surefire 6P. It’s running an old XRE module right now that’s a few years old. I figured I would treat it to something BRIGHT but also useful. All sources pointed me to the Solarforce XML2 (3 mode)

I was just curious about the general quality of the dropin, if it’s really putting out 980 lumens and if I’m missing out on any other hidden gems in the same price range.

It’s putting out about 550 lumens. Hi tends to draw 2 amps off of a fully charged 18650.

I’d recommend this instead, I have it in the 3A tint.
Wrap it in foil if your going to use high for long.

I really like SF host’s, but the XM-L drop-in from them I have doesn’t compare to to the one I linked to.

I’d go with offroad’s link, it’s a decent price with known components. If you want more than it delivers, stack up to 4 chips right on the back of the driver for an additional 1.5A and around 4.5A total. You definitely need to make sure it’s foil wrapped for a tight fit, especially if you decide to stack a few 7135 regulators.

I pretty much use the QLite driver exclusively, even modifying it for my 2 cell MT-G2 lights.

Edit: I’d also choose the smooth finish reflector to gain throw distance over the orange peel model. The orange peel will give a more diffuse beam profile with a floodier overall pattern.

I have two of those and I find that they are a nice upgrade over what were my best stock XML T6 drop ins. Got them from SF at a dynamite price too. For ultimate performance, try one of those other one’s noted, the SF don’t draw very hard, but they will run a long time w/o heating up too much.

DBCstm has generously offered to build me a super performing :wink: drop in w every trick and back busting, eye squinting, toxic dust inhaling mod that he has perfected in his state of the art workshop … and I will report back on it once its received and tested.

No pressure, right?

Now I have to build a state-of-the-art workshop. Darn, I was quite comfy on that glass breakfast table on the back porch…

This is really gonna push back the timeline on delivery of said super performer. :stuck_out_tongue:

If it’s anything like their XM-L U2 drop in, then it’ll work a lot better on 2xRCR. Higher output, but more importantly much better regulation. I would personally give a +1 to the Int’l Outdoor shop’s p60 drop in, but I have no complaints with my Solarforce one so far. No noticeable PWM at all, very good tint and good output. I have the 3 mode one also.

For reference my 3 mode XM-L U2 pulls 1.09amp on 2x14500’s (it’s currently in a Mini MagLite).

I just ordered the dropin from the link provided by offroad. Thanks for providing that as I was hoping to find something with a firefly and this one does. It’s going to make by bored 6P vey happy.

Is the Offroad drop-in potted? I’m need one that’s durable enough for EDC.

Does anyone know if it’s possible to make that drop-in single mode?? I e-mailed Hank and he said “Sorry, the single mode type is not available.” :frowning:

Ideally I would like a XML2 (U2 or T6) single mode at 3 amps or so, for single 18650. Anyone know of one??

-Jamie M.

it has amc driver, right? you could desolder the controller chip from the board or cut some traces to it… but I haven’t tried it yet

Hank said it was Qlite?

I’d be willing to experiment :slight_smile: The next closest drop in to it I could find that was single mode is $40!

-Jamie M.

If you can replace the driver, then yes. You can buy a single mode driver and swap it out.

IOS single mode driver 2.8A

I've made these P60 drop-ins with this because I like single mode for some dive lights and other applications.

I also have a single mode 1.7A XP-G2 drop-in from Nailbender (customlites). He does really good work.

Yeah, I’ll end up ordering a single mode XML2 from him, looks like he does awesome work :slight_smile:

-Jamie M.

I think you could connect all the 7135 drive pins, I think the #1 pin, to Batt+. Wouldn't that make it 1-mode? You would bypass the driver's low voltage protection, though.

Or buy this:

or this:

The Solarforce XML2-U2 5 mode drop In in op and paid 16.95 for it and then I bought a Light malls XML2-U2 5 mode drop in,also in op paid 10.95 ,they are now on sale cor 9.95 and are much brighter lets see my uncalibrated lux meter on my smartphone was Solarforce :38,000 lux the Lightmalls 41,000 lux from my ceiling bounce test,if you want I’ll sell you my Solarforce dropin for 15.00$ heck I still sitting in the protective case it came in I just compared with the two and never used it again .

I recently received this drop-in and I have been nothing but impressed. The light it puts out is not only bright but also a really nice beam pattern. There is A LOT of value in this little module.

I actually prefer the Solarforce dropin due to more flexibility of input voltages. I have dropins using the AMC chips and while they’re bright, I can’t use them with higher voltages since it’s a linear regulator. I’ve had black outs that lasted for weeks and rechargeables become of little use when you can’t recharge them, so the ability to use primaries with higher voltages becomes invaluable. Ive also found the SF dropins to be consistently good quality.

Sounds like a “bring your charger and batteries to work” week(s). :stuck_out_tongue:

But yes, the flexible input voltage is a very nice quality for situations like that.

I bring my r123 nano charger to work but not my big chargers. Plus my company doesn’t like us bringing in electronics of any sort. Up until a year ago, we couldn’t have phones in the facility.