Solarforce XP-L V3

Solarforce has introduced a new drop in a XP-L V3. Has anyone bought one of these yet? Can you report on how they do vs a XM-L2? More lumens? More throw?

There are XP-L drop-ins at IOS available for a long time, but to answer you shortly no you don't get more throw with XP-L because has the same die size as XM-L2.

Noob question. So from what you are saying, even if the XPL has more lumens it won’t throw more than the XML2 because the die is the same size?
Because the Solarforce XPL drop in has a tiny bit more lumens than the XML2 I would of just guessed it would throw a tiny bit more despite the size being the same size?

More Lumens at the same die size —- more LUX

I am saying that even if it is a smaller LED looking at it with the naked eye, in fact it has the same die as XM-L2.

XP-L V3 should be there around with XM-L2 T6 in terms of lumens, based on official ratings.

Okay thanks for explaining guys

Can you give me a link to these drop ins? I’m not finding them.

I like the Solarforce one because it’s volt range is like other Solarforce drop ins, 2.7V - 9.0V.

Yeah I guess it makes sense if you use 2*16340/18350. Here they are.

I think the XP-L is slightly different. The reflector will be an XP-G one, not an XM-L one. And surely the dome must cause some difference. Not saying it’s huge, but a difference.

EagleTac claim different lux and centre spot and spill beam angle for their XP-L and XM-L2 equipped lights.

All I am saying they are different size and use the same die. The diameter of the reflectors is almost identical as they are standardized P60, that cannot make the XM-L or XP-L throw better to the naked eye.

What is the lux difference that Eagletac claims for the center from XM-L2 to XP-L?

This is for the D25LC2 Clicky, so same physical size reflector for all, although the hole and I assume total surface area of the reflector must be slightly different for the two reflectors.

ANSI FL-14 lumen: 621

ANSI FL-14 lumen: 403

ANSI FL-14 lumen: 660

Beam Profile
XP-G2 R5
Center lux: 8,500 lux
Center spot angle: 7°
Spill light angle: 64°
Beam distance: 201 yards / 184 meters

XM-L2 U2
Center lux: 5,720 lux
Center spot angle: 11°
Spill light angle: 64°
Beam distance: 165 yards / 151 meters

Center lux: 6,000 lux
Center spot angle: 10.2°
Spill light angle: 66°
Beam distance: 170 yards / 155 meters

Not a huge difference, but a difference.

Chicken Drumstick

Thanks nice detailed specs. In my opinion 300lux is zero real difference.

What I find interesting is that they gave the XP-L the edge, while on the forums everyone took Djozz tests and consider XP-L a weak LED.

Based on CREE PCT online tool V5 should be with average 4.5% brighter than U2.

Based on the specs provided by Eagletac V5 is with 6% brighter than U2.

The link is for a XM-L2 drop in. I thought it was for a XP-L drop in??

It is actually for both, you choose the LED, just check out the tick boxes, you can get XP-L V6 neutral for example.

Well from those stats I am not sure it is worth the difference. I like the XM-L2’s I like the larger hotspot than I get on my Solarforce L2 with a XP-G or the Z-1 with a XP-G2. If the XP-L has a smaller hot spot and just throws a few extra feet is isn’t something I want. Thanks for the info.

OK Thanks. I didn’t see those options on the bottom because the top is labeled XM-L2. They should change their label to include both LED’s. One thing that I wish they would change is the mode options I prefer high (100) - Medium (50 or 60) and low (10%). But again if all an XP-L does is throw a couple of extra feet I’m not sure it is worth it.

Depends on the driver current and what XP-L. The one in the link is XP-L V6 3D, which is brightener than V3, V4, V5, just to put it in comparison to Solarforce V3. I am sure that it does 1000+lumens for real 3Amps XP-L V6.

But it still doesn’t translate to throw. XP-L has exactly the same beam profile as XM-L2. Brightness is almost the same as well, especially at higher current.

So what is the point of the XP-L? Does it do better in a different reflector than the XM-L2?

Has this not been discussed ad nauseam? It’s part of Cree’s new campaign to increase density, improve Optical Control Factor, and create new buzzwords:

BLF discussion: