(sold) 12x De-domed XM-L2 on noctigons with sideswitch and BLF Ramping driver. Price drop

Up for sale today is my 12x De-domed XM-L2 light. It takes three 26650's or 3x 18650. The sideswitch on it is really nice. And it works great with the ramping driver. It's not too fast or too slow of a ramp, just perfect. It goes from very low to well over 8,000 lumens in about two seconds and you can stop anyplace in the middle. It has memory as well so it will come back on wherever you turned it off at. It has 18 gauge wires and is solid as a rock. It also comes with a strap but it's not really that heavy so it's easy to carry. But you might like it if you are hiking. The sideswitch makes for very easy one hand operation. The tailcap works as a lockout so if you want to store it with batteries in it that is no problem.

$90 is the cost for any US buyers. Shipping is free.

$85 plus actual shipping for anyone that is not in the US.

Trades welcome as well.

Amazing light. Amazing price. Amazing output. What is the host? Typical de-domed tint? I’m crazy to pass on this but I have bought everything in sight lately.

Very nice. Someones going to get a bargain here.

Thanks guys.

Here is a pic of the same light with someone else holding one. It's the typical ultrafire host same as the trustfire 12x and others. It's a big light. I forget my big hands make thinks look small. The head is actually 77mm in diameter. It has the integrated shelf like most of them do. A completely flat one so there is perfect thermal contact.

On the tint, it’s pretty typical of a de-domed tint. The emitters started off very cool white and shifted to neutral.

Great light at a more than reasonable price. I already have at least two 18sixfifty lights and they are great. GLWS.

Just a bump.

Just figured I’d mention that I’m always open for trades as well. This is a beast of a light and I would keep it but I have another very similar light.

Price drop on this beast.

Great light for a great price! The emitters alone would cost you half of the price. 8000lm (!!!) with a convenient ramping drivers sounds very useful too, it is as good as you can make it with a light like this!

Where are those Most Lumen For a Dollar guys! This is a freaking smoking deal! :davie:

I’m very interested in your light. Do you have any cells to go with it? How was the 8000 lumen determined? How do you take payment?


Hi, Kevin. Welcome to BLF. I sent you a PM with the details on the light.

I’ll take it!


Thanks, Kevin. I marked it sold and I’ll get it out to you on Monday. Then you can light up the entire neighborhood. J)

If something goes wrong and Kevin does not buy it, put me on hold. :slight_smile: