SOLD- 3- XML U2 Brinyte Light - Modified by OL - Use Three 18650 or Three 4/3AF NiMHs

SOLD - Brinyte BR3000 light that I have modded into a three U2 XM-L light using three V2 8x7135 Drivers (master/slave), with 3 - 4/3AF NiMH batteries.


Please go to the build log for your questions.

This light uses three U2-(1B tint) XM-L leds with three 8x7135 Drivers (newer version 3040ma). The drivers are done as Master/Slave, per techjunkies method. The battery holder now has all copper plates in it, with gold plated springs. The batteries are 4/3AF NiMHs. The cosmetics mods were done by turning parts of the light into brushed aluminum and the rest painted with a textured brown, with clear on top.

EDIT: 5/16/2012. I know this thing isn't going to move very easily, so here's the offer. If anyone wants this, but wants to use 18650 batteries, I will change the battery holder back to the original parallel 18650 holder style that is began with. Just let me know.

The price is $100 $85 $65.00 shipped Priority USA OR $115 $100 $80.00 shipped regular Airmail WorldWide. Just about a giveaway at this price!

Shipping is thru USPS - Priority stateside or Airmail worldwide.

Payment is PayPal valleau (enter the @ sign here)

First person posting here and paying with PayPal, gets this light. It comes with the Batteries Included!

Questions? PM me or post here.

another beautiful light - you really put a lot of artistic skill in these , gj !

Someone step up... for a custom light with reliable electronics, it's a good price!

Hot dang that is nice!!

Sadly I dont have a charger for these cells and I'm too much like Scrooge McDuck for this light.. but damn thats nice. Post it over at CPF for 200$..

If it does not sell here, then CPF is the next stop, ebay as a last resort...


It's really exceptionally beautiful!

Awesome job, OL!

Price Drop

I'm curious how bright this is compared to being operated on Li-Ion?

I'm working hard to replace my dad's DRY with something more safe and less complicated in terms of battery charging, but I don't want to sacrifice much output.

Well, all I can tell you is each led is driven with a 3040ma nanjg driver. They are getting juice from the 4/3AF NiMHs, rated at 4200ma. I don’t know.

I can't do any testing, since the only meter I have just screws up if I try amperage testing. I tried the way people tell me and all I get is a very dim (scary looking) blue light out of the leds and the meter jumps all over the place from 0 to who knows where, because it's jumping so darned fast. (ON every light I have tried it with). I don't know how people check anything with those stupid digital meters. I have not tried it with this light, because I'm scared to use it (the meter). I hate meters.

I know it is bright, but I can't take a good photo of it either, since I'm not good at that kind of stuff and I really have no place to take a good photo, so I don't have an answer for you, sorry.

ALSO, these are 4/3AF NiMHs and you would need a Hobby Charger for them.

Oh I didn't realize those 4/3AF batteries require a hobby charger. I apologize for wasting your time.

Not a waste of time. I don’t have anything else to do.Wink

this charger available from eBay can fit 4/3AF (18650 sized) cells and has a 1.2V NiMH charging mode. I bought one for a buddy of mine who purchased three lights from me. Each light used a different chemistry cell and he didn't want multiple chargers. This fit that niche very nicely, and for < $15 as I recall.

I will send the buyer an unmodded battery holder that allows for Li-Ion use, if interested.

Final Price Reduction, before I tear it down for the components. Price will stay till the week end, or whenever I get too frustrated. LOLWink

Don't tear it down!! I'll take it.

Edit: Paypal sent 5/17 @ 1425.

Don't worry 'bout modding the battery holder-I can use it as is and I have a nimh charger.


And it's sold! I probably would have bought it at that price.

Congrats Dorpmuller!