(sold) 502B Nanjg three mode driver, Noctigon, High CRI Neutral XM-L2 $20 free shipping

Price drop on the light but it no longer comes with the batteries. If you want the a couple batteries I can toss them in for an extra $3.

For sale today is a 502B it's got a Nanjg three mode driver. Low, Medium and High (not blinkies) For the emitter it has a High CRI Neutral tint XM-L2 on a Noctigon copper star. I sanded the pill so the Noctigon is perfectly flat on it and used the best thermal grease around. I also added a copper sleeve that goes around the reflector and pill for much better thermal transfer. Fantastic little light.

As you can see the light has the nice rosy High CRI Tint. This light really makes colors pop out big time.

$20 free shipping included for the US.

Free bump for “boy you just churn them lights out like a factory don’t you” and a great deal to boot! Even with a free batteries!

Your builds are the best deals ever 18sixfifty!

Thanks guys. I’m actually trying to get caught up right now. I finally got in a bunch of drivers and noctigons that I have been waiting on for a while.

I worked all weekend on a lantern and still have five lights to go out to guys who paid me. Then two more lights on the way for modding. I got hit all at once because of the delay on both the drivers and the noctigons.

After that then I can finally get around to a couple projects that I have planned for myself.

+1 to that.
My 502B dedomed XM-L2 is my main edc.

bump for 18sixfity
got one of his amazing lights and it is my daily use lights, thanks for the great light. i can’t wait to see how much money you get from me, hehe.

This looks like a great deal. Someone is going to love this light. Unfortunately, it can’t be me, cause I’m not big on warm tinted light. Neutral White is about as warm as I can stand. :stuck_out_tongue:

What about the driver? Current, modes, etc.?

Howdy, it’s a three amp nanjg driver. 100% 50% and 5%. No blinkies.