SOLD: Acebeam K75, Manker MK37, Maxtoch L2K

Selling a couple of SBT90 throwers that I don’t use anymore, as well as an LEP. Prices are listed with shipping and paypal fees included. PM for any additional questions.

(SOLD) Acebeam K75. Excellent/Like New condition.
Comes with 4 Acebeam high drain 18650s, original product box, and accessories.

(SOLD) Manker MK37 (tan color). Excellent/Like New condition.
Does not come with batteries. Comes with original product box and accessories.

(SOLD) Maxtoch L2K Excellent/Like New condition.
Comes with Acebeam button top 21700s Comes with original product box and accessories. Accessories include different color glass lens filters, soft pouch, external battery charger, holster, and an additional clear AR glass lens I bought separately to protect the convex lens.

Shipping within USA and accepting payment through paypal.

I’ll take that MK37. PM incoming.

Edit: Payment sent for MK37

MK37 sold, K75 and L2K still available.

Price drops on K75 and L2K!

Is the k75 NW or CW?

Every 90.2 light is either red or 5700k

Price drops!

I’ll take the L2K, PM incoming!

Oh man! Saving my Pennies now!

Pm sent.

I’ll take the k75 per our pm’s. Thanks.
Money sent.


Such a great light!

Artie , keep saving those pennies.

Lol I have to

Got it yesterday, just as described, thank you.