SOLD aug 30: Eneloop AA packs, 3rd gen. ltd. editions $29

Got a few more packs;
(more info on all eneloop editions,here)

Info on payments and shipping, see below:

3* Eneloop Disney black/red 3rd gen. HR-3UTGB 8D..........$30 29 each

1* Eneloop Disney white 3rd gen. HR-3UTGB 8DL..............$30 SPF

1* Eneloop classic, 4th gen. BK-3MCC..............................$30 SPF

They are all BNIB.

Post: I`ll take it , and let me know WHAT you want, with a prompt PM for payment details.

Shipping will be done by Economy Air Mail, which takes 2-3 weeks, from Japan to the US, and EU countries.

Price is including shipping,

Add 2USD for normal Airmail, this usually takes about 1 week to main US cities and most EU countries.

Add 5USD for tracking number.

I WILL NOT REFUND when any mishaps occur during shipping, buy at your own risk, or pay for tracing.

I will also NOT send it as a gift.

And if you are not sure whether your country accepts Economy Airmail from japan, please send me a PM. Airmail to some countries is more expensive, so if you have any questions about prices, packaging, shipping or whatever, please send me a PM.


I’d like to have two packs, if possible. The 4th gen and the white Disney, if they are available.


Ps: Also sent a PM.

Believe Not In Bible, rather in eneloope :D

Hi, I would take the 4th gen pack :slight_smile: PM sent

Sorry Sirius, I actually believe what`s written in it!

wings400, sorry the 4th gen eneloops are sold to degetz.
he beat you by a few minutes.

Updated info in OP

Degetz.. your batteries are sent... sent tracking number by PM

I had to google that, it turns out that BNIB means “brand new in the box”, who would know that.
or, as you would say: IHTGT, ITOTBNIBM”BNIB”,WWKT

anyways, any plans in geting few Sanyo chargers?

I don't know much about chargers. They all look the same from the package ;)

So I just know that there are cheap eneloop chargers and expensive.

There is nothing you can actually set, like charging current, even on the expensive ones.

if you know which type you want, I can have a look for you.

Just PM me.

Thanks :slight_smile: I’ll will be happy to have them :slight_smile:


I’m interested in buying two 12-unit packs of 4th generation Panasonic BK-3MCC rechargeable batteries. My postal code in the United States is 52240 (Iowa). What would these batteries cost and what would be the shipping cost?

Many thanks.


Hi Paul, sorry I don't have these.

Just the 3rd gen at the moment.

Thanks, ChibiM. I figured if anyone had them or could get them, it would be you.



Just keep an eye on this forum.. whenever I walk into a few pairs I post them here first.

Yes, I’ll keep my eye on the forum. Thanks again.

Batteries have arrived :slight_smile:

Thanks ChibiM

Thanks for letting me know, enjoy!

A 4th generation 8-pack would be great! :slight_smile:

sorry, no 4th gen at the moment.. but will keep an eye out...

3 packs Eneloop Disney black/red still available.

great for gifting :D

Price drop to $29 per pack.

cheapest you can find online, shipped!!!