SOLD: BLF LT1 plus extras

Asking $40 shipped to lower 48 states.

Only used a few hours indoors for testing, so everything’s in excellent condition. All batteries stored room temp at 3.7V and cycled sub-amp definitely less than 5 times. Feel free to ask for more info or pictures.


  • BLF LT1 original version (without power bank).
  • Everything it came with including 4x Sofirn 3000mAh batteries.
  • Padded zipper carrying case
  • Four additional batteries: Protected, button top Sanyo NCR18650GA bought from
    (Note these have low-discharge protection circuits, so great for the LT1, not good for high-drain flashlights)


i’ll take it. send me your paypal

Well that was fast. Sold pending funds. Thanks!

Gee good deal!

I’ll take it if the deal fails

Back up!!!

Wowww, such an excellent deal!! Too bad I didn’t see it earlier. Those eight pieces of battery are worth at least US$20 already.

Sale complete already! Thanks again all for the interest. I’ll surely be selling more soon.

Dang, what a great price! Congrats to the proud new owner :slight_smile: It’s a great lantern.

Best deal I’ve made yet. Keep making sales like this…we need members like you. That case is the real topping on the cake

Subscribed :wink: