Sold: Blue Convoy S2+ Triple - FET+1 Driver - 3D tint

This light is complete except for the driver. I will flash and install the driver after I find out what mode levels the buyer wants.

  • Blue S2+ (this is the first one I have seen in person, and the finish is downright beautiful)
  • Triple XP-G2 S3 3D on Noctigon.
  • FET+7135 direct-drive driver Can toggle memory on/off without soldering. (this is the latest and greatest high performance driver)
  • Mass added to pill with copper for a bit of extra heat-sinking
  • Bypassed springs front and rear
  • 20awg wire used throughout

It will come in the nice Convoy gift box with the standard accessories.

$60 shipped CONUS or $55 plus s/h for Intl buyers SOLD

For $4 extra I will include an Xtar MC1 charger

why are you doing this to me!?? I already have a blue but seriously thinking about your triple here…

… Resistance is futile. :evil:

Lol, sorry.

The trick to resisting buying stuff like this is to never have any money, like me. :_(

Seriously, if I could afford it, I’d love to have this exact light. :party:

That’s not the key, trust me.

Well, for it to work right, you do have to also not be willing to go into debt. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello, I’m curious as to which lens you used? Also interested in purchase, as well.

the lens/optic I have for it is a Carclo 10507. If you would like something different, I can order it from ledsupply. It usually only takes 2-4 days for delivery to me.

I will take it, please PM with payment particulars, and Thanks!

Sale pending

awesome light. Carmantl will be happy.

I would love this blue host in an 18350/16340 length! Anyone seen one?

Curious. What amps will this this thing push on dd? Estimated lumens?

Any guess as to how much brighter it would be if the light was a triple xp-l vs. Xp-g2?

I didn’t measure this one, but I’ve seen triple XP-G2’s pull 9+ amps. I don’t remember a direct comparison being done, but I would expect these high bin (S3, S4) XP-G2’s to be very close in lumens to a XP-L HI or dedomed.

thanks pilot… let me know when you are going to build another one, not that i need it… BUT I WANT IT! :wink:

i have my stock blue S2+ with T6-3B and 7135*6 to keep me placated for now. LOL!

BTW, what’s the difference between the S3 and S4 bin visually? i’m a noob. when i look at the LEDs on mountain electronics, both seems to have the same color temperature?

see ya,

I’ll send you a PM

Light arrived just fine and it’s awesome! Thank you very much!