Sold box of mystery lights

Job lot. Take it for $200 usd. That’ll be enough for shipping plus a bit for me. I just did a quick search and came up with over $900 full retail price.

I’ll give some hints at what you’ll be getting but i won’t go into emitters, lets just assume that cri lovers will turn there nose up at most of these.

15 lights in total. Of those 15 there are -
AA/14500 lights x5
18650 lights x3
26650 lights x3
Built in battery lights x4
Multi cell lights x1
Throwy type x4
Stock x10
Broken lep x1
Modded/customised x4
Branded lights x9
Titanium x3
Headlamps x2
Bike light w/o handle bar mount x1

Shipped from Perth Australia. Shipping times estimated to be 2-3 weeks on average. Note - Due to auspost lithium restrictions the only batteries included in this bundle will be built in , no loose/ user replaceable batteries included.

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Tempted… :slight_smile:

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You really should list the model numbers. How will the buyer even know if he/she received everything. Better pictures would help also.

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Hey Pinky

Are they branded lights or cheap knockoffs ?
Im in Perth too so maybe we could work out a better deal for pickup ? Cash ?

If i do that I’m sure I’ll get requests to split.

Sure mick i got no problem with that. I’ll send a pm

it will be a hard sell without more pix, or lower price, or some actual brand info

i have seen too many $5 lights that i wouldn;t take for free! just saying

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Maybe… but if you don’t, it looks like you will not get any offers…

I think that $200 is more than most people are willing to spend on mystery lights. Having names and models would generate more interest I bet.

Is this just a local sale? How would you make any money shipping the lights to the USA?

I’ve dealt with PP before when he was selling some of his custom lights. He was very fair and honest. Hopefully his local buyer works out, but he is good to deal with.

Based on @pinkpanda3310 ’s reputation, I would say the $200 would get a good deal on lights, even if they are mystery lights. I’m kinda tempted to jump on this if the local deal doesn’t work out.

I do have a question though. The listing says 15 lights, but I counted the total to be 50 lights?

My guess is that many of the lights belong in multiple categories. Think Venn diagram.

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Sorry, it must’ve been a confusing way for me to write it. As @QReciprocity42 pointed out some lights fit multiple categories. There are 15 lights.

The local deal is progressing. I’ll say at this stage, sale is pending

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I’m just waiting on a post pack but this is pretty much a done deal now.

Thanks to everyone that showed interest and thanks for the positive comments :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed: