(Sold) Budget Light Forum 502B XHP-50 2250 lumens with new IMR batteries. $50 free shipping

I’m marking this sold, I sold two now and I will probably list a couple more when I get around to it. Then I’m keeping one for myself and that will probably be it. If you want to get on the list for one, let me know and I’ll make it for you and you can pick your modes as well.

Ok up for sale today is a crazy little light. It’s a 502B That has Budget Light Forum written on the side of it. It has an orange peal reflector and a XHP-50 emitter in it. It’s driven by a BLF FET DD driver. It has Low, medium and high, three very well spaced modes with memory. The beam is perfect on it, very floody and nice cooler tint. This is the newest bin XHP-50. It’s on a noctigon of course. I have also added a copper sleeve to the drop-in for better heatsinking. It comes with two 18350 AW IMR batteries that are brand new and bought just for this light. They are very good high amp batteries and work really well in this light. Hitting 2250 lumens on my meter. (conservative)

$50 free shipping in the good old US of A
$45 plus actual shipping for anyone else.

Ill take it. Pm incoming

Whoa! How did you get it to withstand the heat in such a small package?

The copper sleeve helps a lot, but turbo is just for a couple minutes but IDK I was walking around with it for a long time, mixing between high and medium and it handled it really well. Surprised me. I took the pill out after I was done with my walk to see how hot it got and it was HOT, but the light was still super bright and I didn’t have any problem holding the light. The head was hot to the touch of course but not blistering my fingers hot. Fun light, it made me smile when it was all done. I’m still kinda grinning now. Really fun light for sure. I have built a bunch of triples in these too. Triple XP-L2 in them gets hotter and it’s not as bright to my eye. This is more like a triple XP-G2 heat wise but with more power and a nicer beam, brighter hot spot. Perfect round hot spot too.

This was taken after I had walked around with it a bunch. So it was already hot and the batteries would have been down into the 3.5 range or lower. Still as bright or brighter than the Sharp Eagle I reviewed and this will fit in a pocket.