SOLD: Convoy C8+

-Two lights for sale, Convoy C8+ (SOLD) and Convoy S2+. Details below:

Convoy C8+ SOLD:
-$20 total, continental U.S. only
-Excellent condition, used twice (noticed very small cosmetic mark on tailcap)
-Black anodization
–7135*8 output current
-xpl-hi led
–12 group driver
-Not sure what the tint name is in the Convoy store, but the temp. is right around 5000k (neutral white)

-Convoy S2+: SOLD
-$10 plus shipping, continental U.S. only
-Very good condition, some cosmetic marks from being in a backpack but only used twice
-Black anodization
–7135*6 output current
-xpl-hi led
–12 group driver
Not sure what the tint name is in the Convoy store, but the temp. is right around 4000k
(warmer white)

Both are really fantastic lights, I just never really got much use out of them because I received similar gifts right after they were purchased. I have taken pictures of each light but am not sure how to post them, I can send via message for serious inquiries. Hoping that these can find someone who will get good use out of them!

You can use Imgur to host the images. Also see this thread:

What color are the bodies?

And you’re sure they are XP-L LEDs, but not sure of the temp?


Edited my post for clarity: the LEDs are definitely xpl-hi, I meant to say that I was not sure what the tint specification was for the LEDs. The C8+ might be called U6 3A? Have been trying to find a picture to verify this.

Thanks for the follow-up. Those are great prices!!!

Figured out how to post pictures! Also tried to include a comparison shot to show the 2 different tints.

I’ll take the S2+ if still available. Thanks


I’ll take the C8+ if you take Venmo.

Hey, I just wanted to post and leave some feedback about the light that I bought from you. It arrived quickly, in great condition, and it’s a really nice flashlight. Thank you very much for selling it to me. I appreciate it.

It was nice doing business with you. Great seller!