SOLD-Convoy F6 triple mods for sale (price reduced)

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I got bit by the Convoy/Roche F6 triple bug and spent some time building a couple. I also did a driver and emitter swap on one and am offering that for sale as well.

The following pics are to illustrate how I dealt with creating a solid aluminum heatsink for the triple noctigon to sit on. Edited to add that this method does not allow for complete waterproofing of the front end of the light.

The triple noctigons were thermally adhered to the heatsink with arctic alumina. The light with the narrow clear optics is a triple XP-L HI 3D while the F6 with the narrow frosted optics is a triple Nichia 219b 90+ CRI. The emitter on the single emitter light was replaced with an XM-L2 U2 3D on noctigon. All three lights feature the Ferro Rocher FET driver by Helios and the corresponding ramping firmware by Toykeeper. A copper plate with a wire bypassed spring was placed under the tail plug to reduce resistance as described in Comfychair’s F6 hacking thread.

The single XM-L2 draws 5.8 amps, the triple nichia draws 9 amps, and the triple XP-L HI draws 10 amps. All measurements were done with a fully charged Sony VTC5. User interface follows.

From off, a single short click turns the light on in the last mode used, a long press turns the light on in the lowest mode, or a double click turns the light on in the highest setting. From on, press and hold ramps up. An immediate release and hold reverse ramps. A quick click from any light level turns the light off. All three lights have a 2 minute turbo timer to keep us from burning our pants down.

I’ll try to get beamshots when it’s not raining and foggy. I was checking out the conditions with my Thorfire S70 in my usual beamshot location and there was a bear looking back at me next to the sugar camp! Kinda felt sorry for him looking into that S70 on turbo but he didn’t look for long.

Prices including CONUS shipping is $65 $50 for the single XM-L2, $75 $60 for the triple Nichia, and the XP-L has been sold $85 for the triple XP-L HI.

International buyers pay additional shipping.

First reply with “I’ll take it” followed by PM gets the light of their choice.

My paypal address is

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It would be good to add WTS to the title. Many people will see the title in the recent threads and they won’t know it a sales thread.

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I will take “the triple XP-L HI.”



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Thanks Halo, title edited.

Thanks Slow, all yours!

I wish these were that easy to build! Unfortunately, if the depth isn't increased between the front of the head and the surface the MCPCB sits on, the lens doesn't seal against the o-ring. :( That machining is done for a functional reason, it's not just to reduce the gap behind the bezel to make it look pretty.

Any left for sale?

No, all sold.