!!!SOLD!!! convoy S2 tripple 219b (EU and US only) !!!SOLD!!!

im selling my convoy S2 tripple nichia 219b 92cri build

it has a 105c driver @2.8A. the LEDs are on a noctigon board in parallel.
the board sits on a custom made copper spacer. the spacer is press fit into the head to assure good contact with the alu body.

the head has marks but the rest of the body is new.

im selling this light for 6̶5̶D̶o̶l̶l̶a̶r̶s̶ (i know the price might be a little steep for most of people.)
NOW 50 dollars

also able to by as a pack with another modded convoy: !!!SOLD!!! modded convoy S2 dedomed XM-L2 U2 A1 (EU and US only) !!!SOLD!!!
price of the pack is 60 dollars!!

if you want more info or you want to buy this light, feel free to send a PM.


light is sold without battery.

once sold i will not refund.

the light is tested before it ships.

i dropped the price, i know its a steep price bit its more then woth it. i put alot of time in making this light and resources were not that cheap where i live.

another pricedrop shipping is now included for the same price of 60 dollars. i think this is a fair price for this light.

still for sale!! if you thinks the price it to high maybe do a best offer and ill see what i can do. im selling this so i can start another project.