SOLD: Convoy S8 Triple 219C, Astrolux S41 219B Quad, Skilhunt H03 219C - PRICE DROPS

Thinning out the herd…
Photos and beamshots at the bottom.


Convoy S8 Triple 219C Flashlight (SOLD)
LED: 3 x Nichia NVSL219C D240 4000K 90+ High CRI LEDs on 20mm 3XP Copper Noctigon + Pre-Bridged from MTN Electronics
Driver: 17mm DrJones H17F Driver w/ lucidrv2 - 7135 + FET from MTN Electronics
Spacer: Copper Spacer for Convoy from BLF member “kiriba-ru”
Optics: 10507 Carclo Lens - 3-UP Narrow Spot Optic from MTN Electronics
Battery Configurations: 1 x 18650
Includes Clip, Lanyard and stock host parts.
Mint Condition
Professionally modded by BLF member Gunga
Price: $75 USD + Shipping
Now $69 USD + Shipping

Astrolux S41 Nichia 219B Quad (SOLD)
LED: 4 x Nichia 219B 5000K 90+ CRI
Driver: A17DD-L FET+1
Battery Configurations: 1 x 18350/16340 battery (not included)
Complete with box and all accessories
Mint Condition
Price $22 USD + Shipping (INCLUDING 18650 +and +18350 Tubes)

Skilhunt H03 Headlamp with extra TIR for more throw (SOLD)
LED: Nichia 219C D240 on 16mm Noctigon - 90+ CRI 4000K from MTN Electronics
Driver: Stock
Battery Configurations: 1×18650 , 2x CR123A , 2x RCR123A (not included)
Optics: Stock TIR (about 30 degrees) and secondary 20 degree TIR for more throw and less flood.
Complete with box and all accessories.
Mint Condition
Price: $35 USD + Shipping
Now $29 USD + Shipping

Shipping and Payment Details:
-Free local pickup in Vancouver, BC, Canada
-Shipping to USA / Canada for $8 USD via Canada Post, no tracking, no insurance.
-Shipping to USA / Canada for $14 USD via Canada Post, with tracking, insurance and expedited delivery
International Shipping please PM me for quote
-Payment: Paypal Gift or Paypal + fees (2.9% plus $0.30 USD), or Cash in person

*All beamshots are adjusted to 4300K for equal comparison. Yellow corona from Convoy S8 not visible to the naked eye.

Astrolux S41

Convoy S8 Triple

Skilhunt H03 Nichia

Beamshot Comparison (Astrolux, Convoy, Skilhunt)

Price drops bump.

All very nice lights. But I have no money to spend right now. :frowning:

Thanks DavidEF.

Motivated to sell, more price drops added to listing.

Convoy and Skilhunt Sold.

ASTROLUX S41 still available.
(Now includes 18350 and 18650 tubes)
$22 USD + shipping

Convoy S8 and Skilhunt H03 both shipped.

Astrolux Sold

H03 and Convoy sold to Rokypop