SOLD - Custom Polished 1D Maglite


Up for sale is this cut down 1D Maglite. It's polished, (maybe shiny is a better word, because polished denotes super smooth and buffed). It has an XM-L2 U2 1D led on a Maxtoch 26mm Copper star, Aluminum heat sink, custom Maglite driver with a DrJones lumodrv ramping program and 16x7135 chips, glass lens, CNQG aluminum reflector, battery sleeves for 26650 and 18650. It has Copper rings on the bezel and tail ends and it has black paint accents, (Caliper paint that is oven cured). It has some file work on the bezel and tail cap. I think that's about it.

Here's a few photos:

So much shiny stuff, I couldn't focus on the led.

Theoretically, with the right cell, it should do 6 amps, but I only got 5 amps from my Sony 26650. The lux was 60k at 1 meter. It has a large hot spot and not much spill at all.

This is the last modified light I plan on doing this way. I will probably be putting up a thread sooner or later, for made to order 2D LED Maglites pre-paid, but I do not plan on modding any more lights, other than pre-paid lights. Too close to plant closure and time to save as much as I can for the uncertain and unemployed future ahead. Yep, they finally set a date for December, just before Christmas.

Price is $135 USD CONUS and $145 USD Anywhere outside of the Continental USA.

Payment is PayPal oldlumens(insert the @ sign here)

First person posting they want it, followed by payment and a PM to me with your full shipping info, gets the light.


That is one orsm looking light. It looks like you have found a well suited reflector for this led.

That is so well done O-L! Love the reflection off it in the photos. And that file work is beautiful. Really cathes the eye. No wonder you could not focus on the emitter :-)

Sorry to hear about the job O-L. There is at least one guy in Denmark that is hoping for a quick resolve of that. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Absolute work of art OL…incredible!

Oh man that's nice!

Great work OL!

Wow, that looks like a piece of art :money_mouth_face:

That is one awesome looking 1D Mag, O-L! Sorry about the plant closure. :frowning:

I’ll take it.

Payment Sent (Unique Transaction ID # 6VS0983

Gorgeous light, very nice beam profile and with a unique and potent driver. Well done!

Gonna have to set monies aside in an O-L Custom jar and wait for the next one… gotta be quick it would seem! :wink:

Yeah, slow2go was 2quik4me! I was going to give it a day and think about it. Oh well. A jar, I need a jar!

That’s a beaut! Especially love the contrast.

Sorry to hear about the closure.

Nice touches on the file work and angling the tail files.

Yeah, slow2go was 2quik4me! I was going to give it a day and think about it. Oh well. A jar, I need a jar!

O-L makes great one off lights…… They normally won’t be available for long on here.
So sometimes….I can be “2quik”
Normally just ” Slow”


Well…congrats on buying a beautiful, one-of-a-kind, O-L modified 1D Mag-Lite! Enjoy! :party:

You know how nice this O-L Mag light looks in the pictures….

Well in even looks better in real life.
Not to mention the ball of fire that comes out of it.

Great Job
Thanks again

If ya ever get tired of it…yeah right, who am I fooling?

your lights are always kicka&&