[SOLD] D4V2 & FW3C

I have the following lights for sale. Both are new, only opened to check for functionality, but I need to trim the herd.


SHIPPED/SOLD - FW3C Polished XPL-Hi 3D (NW) - $55/OBO (has Carclo optic + glass). Has been removed from vacuum seal to check functionality. May patina by the time it arrives (can polish it up before shipping, if desired).

SHIPPED/SOLD - D4V2 Grey SST-20 3000K - $40/OBO As above, only opened to check functionality.

Take both for $90/BO.

shipping? Where are you?

Same question… maybe interested in the fw3c.

PM sent for FW3C

PM sent for both.

Sorry for not being clear. I am in in Connecticut, will respond to all PMs ASAP

shipping???…as if it maters at this point
It really should be included as it makes a difference sometimes

Payment sent for FW3C

Both are $OLD?



Both sold and shipped as of today