SOLD: Emisar D4V2 519a at 4500k, with free impaired Convoy S21D XPL HD 5000k

First, is the Emisar D4V2 in gray, but it's definitely a very cool blue-gray. It has the 519a emitters in 4500k. I believe I've had it about a month, but I'm selling to move into a D4S. The 519a is absolutely the best emitter I've tried thus far. With this reflector, there are no rings, just beautiful, high CRI light. Comes with original packaging, etc. Have never mounted the clip, has a magnet in the tail, and the raised ring. Obviously no intro needed here, it's an amazing light in brand new condition.

I also have a Convoy S21D with XPL HD emitters in I believe it was 4500k as well. However, one of the LEDs must have gotten pinched in manufacturing, and when I went in to investigate, I found the dome partially severed. When I attempted to reassemble, I completed the massacre, and obliterated the dome. So, now it has 3 good emitters, and one damaged LED. I'm sure it has some value as a host, so I'm including it for any brave souls who mod these, perhaps replace that single LED, or just use it with the 3 remaining good LEDs.

$OLD shipped to your door! Continental USA only please.

Oh, I'll also throw in a pair of 10 degree TIRs for the S21D, one beaded, one flat, FWIW. :)



no pic of the convoy damaged emitter?

I'm not planning to pull it apart, but I'm happy to light 'er up and display one emitter not shining, if it pleases the court. :)

Give me an hour and I'll post something up....thanks!

lol yeah yeah thats all i meant show in from the optic. that would be cool

Interested to know max and sustained brightness with the S21D XPL?

Not a problem, here ya go. Not great, but you get the idea I suppose.

Just a reminder, the actual Emisar is like new, perfect condition. The faulty light is the S21D.

I PMed you.

Hi Folks, this is sold. Thanks!

No defects or damage?

Damn, I’m late.