Sold FS: $35 USB flashlight $35. Sold

Hey guys I just got this in

And I added a chip to the driver and its perfect know :slight_smile: very brite and with one mode HIGH

Here is a review of it

Asking $43 shipped

Also got a lime green mag for sale for $75 plus s/h with aspheric lens both will make great gifts

I’ll take it pending my PM with my question I sent you. :bigsmile:

Pm replied


Lowered the price on first post

Hi Nitro,

Which LED tint is it, and is it 3-mode or 5-mode. Also, what is the approximate output of it now compared to stock? Thanks.

It is cool white and it was 3 modes but I switched it to one mode but I can switch it back of u like

And I added a extra chip to the driver


Final price drop. $41 shipped


If it had been NW tint, I would have taken it to go along with the one I have. It’s a wonderful light, very well constructed, and its charge capabilities are excellent. I’m surprised more members aren’t interested in such a handy light.

It’s a very great light and only been used around a hr since bought

If I can get a NW emitter I can swap it out for ya

35 +$3 for shipping or pay the pp fees and ill ship for free perfect light for a gift or everyday use