[Sold] fw3a - 219b sw30 - green aux - polished - tk button

Minor blemish on bezel, hand polished, sw30 219b reflow, green aux. Covered in protectaclear clear coat to minimize tarnish

58 shipped CONUS


Is that the right light?
That’s an FW3C,no?

As mentioned, Fw3a raw aluminum and hand polished.

geez loooks so coppery shiny. How long did that take?

About 25 minutes, looks shinier in person.

Looks wanna full, Hunter!

Any beam shots, with the reflowed Nichia?

Close but still doesnt represent the beauty of sw30.

Sw30 examples in [SOLD] - Nichia 219b R9050 sw30 emitters

Fantastic tint on these sw30. Has a sunset warmth to them with just the right amount of rosiness on turbo.


Still selling the noctigon meteor?

Just the 219c one unless you want me to swap it with 219b sw30 3000k for a fee